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Export all open tasks in DGC to a spreadsheet

Enable or disable the automatic hyperlinking for Assets on multiple Domains through a workflow.

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Published by Collibra Lab Version 0.1.1

Workflow to import local users from an Excel spreadsheet

This listing is meant to analyse the dgc log file to have a better understanding of who logs in and when.

An Eclipse plugin that allows Collibra workflow developers to interact with the Collibra workflow engine from within Eclipse.

Workflow to reassign all tasks, responsibilities, and groups from one user onto another user. Reassigned user will be notified of each reassigned task.

Export the Assignment of Resource Responsibilities across DGC environment

Workflow that exports the activity/history of the Domain running the workflow.

Export Permissions Settings

VotingSubProcess that generates a table that shows each voter and their voting result.

MetaModel Usage Report workflow

Workflow to export an asset's history with a given time range.

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