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Marketplace Terms

These Collibra Marketplace Terms (“Marketplace Terms”) apply if you are browsing or downloading Apps from the Collibra Marketplace. These Marketplace Terms supplement and are made part of the Collibra Website Terms of Use (“Terms”). Any capitalized terms not defined herein will have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms.

By downloading an App or accessing or using the Collibra Marketplace, you indicate your assent to be bound by these Marketplace Terms in addition to the Terms. If you do not agree to these Marketplace Terms, do not download any Apps or use or access the Collibra Marketplace.

These Marketplace Terms do not address your publication of solutions on the Collibra Marketplace.  If you wish to publish a solution on the Collibra Marketplace, the Collibra Developer Terms and/or the Terms shall govern such activity, as applicable.

1. Types of Apps

You may, in your sole discretion, elect to install and use Apps within the Collibra Service. You are solely responsible for determining which Apps (if any) to use with the Collibra Service and assessing the suitability of Apps and their configuration for your purposes. 

The listing for each App will identify the publisher of the App (“Publisher”), which may be Collibra or a third party. Apps for which Collibra is the designated Publisher are “Collibra Apps,” and Apps for which the Publisher is a third party are “Third Party Apps”. Most Publishers are third parties, who create, own and are responsible for their own Third Party Apps as further described in these Marketplace Terms. Some Marketplace Apps are made available at no charge, and others require payment of fees. Collibra Apps may have a separate fee associated with connections. By downloading an App, you agree to pay any associated listed fees when accrued in accordance with Publisher’s payment terms. In all cases, you may only use Apps with the Collibra Service with which they are designed to be used (as identified in the App’s listing).

2. Publisher Terms

Without limiting the disclaimers, restrictions or other provisions in the Terms or these Marketplace Terms, usage of Apps is subject to the license or subscription terms, privacy policies and other applicable terms specified by the Publisher (“Publisher Terms”). Publisher Terms are typically included on the App’s listing page or presented through the App download process.  If you have any questions regarding accessing or the content of any Publisher Terms, contact the Publisher. You may not use an App if you do not agree to the relevant Publisher Terms. 

3. Third Party Apps

Third Party Apps are subject to the third party’s Publisher Terms. By ordering, installing or enabling any Third Party App, you are entering into the Publisher Terms directly with the applicable third-party Publisher. Doing so may give Third Party Apps access to your account and other information about you (such as your name and email address) and any content you choose to use with the Third Party App. Collibra is not a party to, or responsible for compliance with, any third-party Publisher Terms, and does not guarantee any third-party Publisher Terms are adequate for your own needs. Collibra has no liability for any Third Party App, even if Collibra has reviewed, certified or approved the Third Party App. As between Collibra and you, you assume all risk and liability regarding use of any Third Party Apps with the Collibra Service, including any use of or access to your data by such Third Party Apps.

4. Collibra Apps

For Collibra Apps, unless otherwise expressly specified on the Collibra Marketplace or otherwise in writing by Collibra, (a) the Publisher Terms are the Collibra Binary Code License Agreement, as may be modified from time to time (the “Collibra App Terms”), and (b) by ordering, installing or enabling any Collibra App, you agree to the Collibra App Terms. 

In the event of a conflict between these Marketplace Terms and the Collibra App Terms, the Collibra App Terms will control as to each party’s rights and responsibilities related to the Collibra App itself, while these Marketplace Terms will control as to the Collibra Marketplace generally. For clarity, the Master Cloud Agreement, Customer Agreement or any other terms governing use of the Collibra Service do not apply to the Collibra Apps (including any support or SLA obligations). 

5. App Reviews 

The Collibra Marketplace may allow users to post reviews of Apps or further comments on those reviews. Collibra reserves the right, in its sole discretion and for any reason at any time, to remove or edit any review or comment on the Collibra Marketplace. 

6. Support and Maintenance 

Any support and maintenance of Apps will be provided by the applicable Publisher and only to the extent described in the applicable Publisher Terms. Collibra is not responsible for any support and maintenance for Third Party Apps, and a Publisher’s failure to provide any support or maintenance does not entitle you to any refund. For Collibra Apps, Collibra will provide support and maintenance, if any, in accordance with the Collibra App Terms.

7. Removal of Apps

At any time, Collibra may remove an App from the Collibra Marketplace in accordance with its applicable policies, and Publishers may also update, modify or remove their own Apps at any time. 

8. Certification; Interoperability

Collibra may specify that certain Apps are Certified. By “Certified”, we mean we have made reasonable efforts to verify the Publisher of the App and conduct initial testing to seek to verify if the App generally conforms to the Publisher’s description. Collibra makes no guarantee that any Apps (including Certified Apps) will work properly with the Collibra Service or that Apps will continue to work with the Collibra Service as they change over time. Some Apps rely on hosted or cloud services provided by the Publisher or other third parties, and these Apps may not function properly or may become inoperable if those services are discontinued.

9. Third Party Apps Disclaimer

Third parties are solely responsible for their Third Party Apps and any related content or materials included in their Apps. Collibra has no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any Third Party Apps, including their accuracy, reliability, availability, security, data handling, data processing, completeness, usefulness or quality. These disclaimers apply even if Collibra has reviewed, certified, approved or is hosting the Third Party App. Any use of Third Party Apps is at your sole discretion and risk. Publishers are solely responsible for ensuring that any information they submit in connection with the Collibra Marketplace is accurate, complete and correct, and Collibra is not responsible for the standards or business practices of any third-party Publisher (whether support, availability, security or otherwise), even if they participate in Collibra’s developer program. You should always independently verify that any Third Party Apps or Publisher business practices meet your needs. 

10. Reservation of Rights

Except for the rights explicitly granted to you in these Marketplace Terms and in the Publisher Terms for each App, all right, title and interest (including intellectual property rights) in the Collibra Marketplace are reserved by Collibra, and all right, title and interest (including intellectual property rights) in the Apps are reserved and retained by their respective Publishers and licensors. Apps are provided on a license or subscription basis, not sold, and you do not acquire any ownership rights in the Collibra Marketplace or the Apps.

11. Indemnity

In addition to your indemnity obligations in the Terms, you agree to indemnify, defend (if we so request) and hold harmless Collibra and its affiliates, suppliers, partners and agents from and against any claim, demand, losses, damages or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising from these Marketplace Terms or the applicable Publisher Terms.