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December 21, 2018
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December 21, 2018

Widget to Embed any Web Page in Collibra Dashboard

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This widget allows you to embed other webpages on your Collibra dashboards.

Simply drag the widget on the dashboard and specify the URL of the webpage to embed.

Please note that this widget uses an iframe to embed the web page. Some websites will block the possibility to be embedded in other websites on another domain for security reasons.

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Release Notes

This simple widget allows your to specify the URL to embed and indicate if it should be sandboxed or not. To do this, it uses the HTML ‘sandbox’ attribute (https://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_iframe_sandbox.asp).

This widget was tested on Collibra DGC 5.5 but should be compatible with all 5.x version of the product.


Collibra DGC 5.5

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Really great. Very useful and does exactly what it says. We’re using this to present data analysis visualisations and dashboards from Kibana.

A nice additional feature would being able to add this to rich-text attributes, allowing us to view real-time, asset specific data quality metrics on the asset overview page (e.g. localhost:4400/asset/e8545c63-fba4-4566-aad7-e86a3e73a73c

Fantastic, works great.