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Frequently asked questions

What is the Marketplace?

The Collibra Marketplace is a platform for data citizens that want to find and download integration recipes, workflows, accelerators, and tools that augment their Collibra experience. The goal of this platform is to better serve data citizens in making data meaningful in their organisations. The Collibra Marketplace platform can also be leveraged by partners and even customers that want to propose, submit, collect market feedback and eventually sell or co-sell solutions, integrations and tools that augment the Collibra platform.

How can I register to Collibra Marketplace?

Anyone can browse on the Marketplace, it’s a public page. However, downloads and other resources are accessible only to customers, partners and Collibrians. To take the most out of your Marketplace experience you’ll need to register here with your professional email address.

After that, it’s easy, just login to the Collibra Marketplace in order to be able to download content.

How can I get access to download Marketplace listings?

Access to downloadable content is granted to our network of customers and partners, and to all Collibra employees. You need to login to Collibra Marketplace in order to be able to download the content.

How can I purchase a listing on the Collibra Marketplace?

You can find out about the terms of purchase of a listing at the bottom of the page in the dedicated “License and Usage details” tab.

What are Commercial Offerings?

“Commercial Offerings” are Apps purchased as part of the Collibra Service. Your use of Commercial Offerings is governed by the terms and conditions of your commercial agreement with Collibra for the purchase of the Collibra Service (any such agreement, a “Master Agreement”). The warranties, support services and service levels referenced in your Master Agreement apply to Commercial Offerings.

What are Community Offerings?

“Community Offerings” are Apps published by third parties or Collibra within the Collibra Marketplace community. Community Offerings are free and made available “as is” by Collibra. Your use of Community Offerings is subject to the Collibra Marketplace License Agreement, as may be modified from time to time by Collibra.

As between Collibra and you, you assume all risk and liability regarding use of any Community Offering with the Collibra Service, including any processing of your data by such Community Offering. For clarity, your Master Agreement with Collibra for the Collibra Service does not apply to your use of the Community Offerings (including any warranties, support services and service levels referenced therein).

Furthermore, help can be seeked from peers and other fellow data citizens on the relevant lobbies of the Collibra Community.

What are Partner Offerings?

“Partner Offerings” are Apps published by third party Collibra partners (“Partner”). Partners create, own and are responsible for their Partner Offerings. Fees, if any, associated with Partner Offerings are designated and collected by the Partner. Your use and purchase (if applicable) of Partner Offerings are subject to (a) the terms and conditions referenced on or via link within the Partner Offering listing (“Partner Terms”), or (b) if Partner Terms are not referenced on App listing, then the Collibra Marketplace License Agreement.

How can I publish my app on the Collibra Marketplace?

Anyone can submit listings on the Marketplace. If you think the data citizen community would benefit from your work, just get in contact with us and we’ll make it happen.

You can submit your app for review via the self-service process that is available through your dashboard in Marketplace, the only thing you need is to be registered as a customer, a partner or a Collibrian.

  1. Log in to Collibra Marketplace.
  2. Go to your dashboard.
  3. Click on “Create a New Listing” and follow the instructions.

Just follow the steps, it’s very easy!

When you’re done, click on “Submit” and we’ll take it from there.

How can I access my dashboard?

You can access your dashboard by clicking on your user icon on the top right corner of Collibra Marketplace.

How do I edit a listing I have already published on the Collibra Marketplace?

You can edit or add new versions to your listings at any time by going to your dashboard and clicking on Edit at the bottom of the listing’s card.

How can I become a Collibra partner?

Please consult the Collibra Partner Program page to have more information on how to become a partner.

What is Collibra's stance towards Connect templates published on the Collibra Marketplace (MuleSoft integrations)?

Collibra’s long term direction is to stop selling Connect (OEM of Mulesoft ESB).

Collibra provides metadata integrations (i.e. JDBC drivers) to numerous source systems that vastly simplify integration and can not only ingest metadata but also provide additional value add features such as profiling, sampling and classification which list is expected to grow in the future.

Customers can also bring their own ESB of choice (including Mulesoft) and work with Collibra APIs.  For those customers who choose to bring Mulesoft as their ESB of choice, they can continue to use any integrations that they develop and maintain.

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