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October 25, 2018
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October 25, 2018

MetaModel Usage Report

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MetaModel Usage Report workflow that shows the count of each meta model concept such as Asset Types, Domain Types, Statuses, Attribute Types, Relation Types, Complex Relation Types.

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Release Notes

Initial Release:

User selects by clicking on the types to generates a report on:

  • Asset Types
  • Domain Types
  • Statuses
  • Attribute Types
  • Relation Types
  • Complex Relation Types

DGC Minimum version: v5.3

License Requirements

User who runs the workflow should be a SysAdmin – which will means the user will occupy an author spot before deploying the workflow.

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This a nice to start with.
May I suggest to include [into the generated report] Community & Domain names as well where the Assets/Relations/etc. are being used. This way, this report can act as a independent accelerator for platform administration for usage.
Though there can be several other use-cases, at least these names will make life easy as a start.

Answer: Dear Shantanu, thanks for your interest in this listing.
Please note that we have a #developers slack channel here for all your technical requests. This way you can leverage our growing developers, partners and customers communities.
If you are confronted to a blocking issue, then please raise a ticket here @https://support.collibra.com