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November 23, 2018
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September 10, 2018

Export Asset History

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Workflow that exports the activity/history of the asset the workflow is running on. The exported history will be based on the selected dates from the workflow start form, the activity exported will be between the selected dates. Workflow includes a check to make sure that it is running at the correct level and that the selected date range is valid.

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Release Notes

v0.1.4: Change Log:

  • Added functionality to export the Complex Relation Activities.
  • Added the related assets’ ID when relation is added/removed.
  • Added functionality to check if the date range is valid.
  • Added workflow variable for the number of activities to query.
  • Added Checkbox to attach the exported file to the resource.
  • Changed the user task for v5.5 to contain a link to the exported file.
    • The user task description will be be based on whether the exported file is attached to resource.
    • Deprecated: the page redirect to the exported file.
    • Deprecated: the user task no longer automatically terminates.
    • The user will now have to click on the ‘Close’ button to end the workflow.
  • Removed any Java V1 API usage.

Tested on the following versions of Collibra DGC:

  • v5.3
  • v5.4
  • v5.5
License Requirements

Since this is a workflow, it is possible that any Collibra DGC user can run this workflow to export history.  It is recommended to restrict the start of this workflow to only users of a certain resource role.

Version 0.1.3 September 10, 2018
Release Notes

v0.1.3: Change Log:

  • The exported date range is inclusive of the TO Date
  • Changed the file type to: xlsx
  • Disabled notification on the redirect User Task
  • Bold the header row
  • increase the limit to 100000 activities to retrieve

Added for the new features on v5.4:

  • Full Name and Display Name Changes
  • Ratings: Add/Change/Remove

Tested on Collibra DGC v5.4 and v5.3

License Requirements

Any Collibra DGC application

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Hi I have a question. Is there a way possible we can run this workflow on a community level and have the respective domains of the assets in the export ?

Answer: Hi Aghole, Please send all your technical question to https://www.support.collibra.com?. Thank you

This is really a great Workflow. But can we add this to Domain LVL? that could really be helpful.

Answer: Dear Siddharta, please send your technical questions to our support channel. They will take it from there. See link: https://support.collibra.com. Thanks