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Daily Notification of Refresh Conflicts

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April 6, 2021
Use Case


When a data source is refreshed, refresh conflicts may arise as a result of the refresh.
There is not any out of the box functionality to notify of the refresh conflicts, an owner would need to navigate to their schemas and expose the ‘Refresh Conflicts’ column in order to see them after each refresh to see if any actions are necessary.
The existence of the refresh conflicts will prevent the refresh from running properly until the refresh conflict has been resolved.

This workflow runs on a daily basis, preset to 3AM on the server time, and it will scan the environment for the existence of Refresh Conflict attributes, the asset it is on and gather the value of the Refresh Conflict and also the Owner (role can be configured in variables).
The workflow then generates an email to those users to inform them of the assets with refresh conflicts found.

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Release Notes

v0.1 – Initial Release

  • Collibra Cloud
  • Collibra 5.7.5 and newer
  • Collibra API v2
License and Usage Requirements
  • Collibra Catalog

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