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Data discovery and classification of unstructured data within the Collibra Data Catalog.

Use Cases
  • unstructured
  • privacy
  • gdpr
  • ccpa
  • data catalog
  • data minimization
  • data mapping
  • privacy and risk
  • structured
  • data intelligence
  • retention
  • data discovery
  • AI Classification
  • metadata management
  • Windows
  • S3
  • data classification
  • records and retention management
  • NAS
  • Azure Blob
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive


The Data X-Ray powers unstructured data within Collibra Data Catalog

The Data X-Ray addresses critical gaps in data intelligence throughout the corporate unstructured data environments. The Data X-Ray opens up new possibilities for strategic and transformational opportunities using your data and supports day-to-day operational priorities to drive immediate ROI in your business.

Designed for large enterprises, the Data X-Ray is provided as a self-managed or fully-managed service with fast deployment, bullet proof security, and fast response for end users interested in integrating unstructured data within Data Catalog.

What is your product?

The Data X-Ray helps large enterprises and governments safeguard the millions of files that they have. The Data X-Ray generates fast, clear and useful insights about our customers’ sensitive unstructured data and delivers this metadata in a way that enriches our customers’ data protection and governance workflows.

Our customers use us for unstructured data use cases such as:

  • Data discovery
  • Data classification
  • Data redaction
  • Dark data remediation
  • Records and retention management
  • Data security
  • Data privacy
  • Data governance
  • Regulatory compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, CMMC, CPRA, PCI-DSS, PDPA, BCBS 239, and more)
What is the license model?

The Data X-Ray is sold on a files scanned basis in blocks of 1 million files.

What is involved in implementing the product?

The Data X-Ray deploys with Podman/Docker in your environment and does not even require a connection to the internet (although a tunnel is required for the Collibra Data Catalog integration). The user needs to provision infrastructure for Ohalo to install the Data X-Ray on or deploy in Kubernetes/ARO/etc.

The installation is completely customizable depending on your requirements and generally takes less than 1 day for the actual installation. After installation, you simply need to provide credentials to be able to connect to unstructured data sources on the upstream and push the metadata that Data X-Ray generates to Collibra Data Catalog on the downstream.

The Data X-Ray can also be installed completely independently of Collibra Data Catalog, as required by phasing and use case architectures.

Demonstration of the Data X-Ray Collibra Catalog integration

A demo going through how Data X-Ray pushes unstructured into Collibra Data Catalog

Data Sheet

General Data Sheet of the Collibra Data Catalog Data X-Ray integration.

Case study for implementing unstructured data intelligence at oil and gas major

Learn how Suncor Energy deployed Data X-Ray and integrated unstructured data into Collibra Data Catalog.

Selected Listings

Data X-Ray seamlessly integrates with Collibra Data Catalog to streamline unstructured data governance and AI oversight, making data management simpler and more comprehensive.

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