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Data X-Ray for Collibra unstructured data intelligence

Published by: Ohalo
Latest version: 6.11.4
Released: December 22, 2022
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The Ohalo Data X-Ray powers automated unstructured data discovery and classification and metadata ingest for Collibra Data Catalog at scale. The Data X-Ray solution accelerates Collibra adoption and provides peace of mind for data owners with continuous unstructured data discovery across all data sources.  

Data X-Ray also offers a powerful interface that provides constant and accurate visibility into sensitive and personal data and gains insights from all available metadata to evaluate data trust, quality and file access.

Automate unstructured data classification for Collibra Data Catalog

Data classification, particularly for unstructured data, is often done on a piecemeal basis and often very manual for the data owners.  Resulting in judgments being made on the data and not what the data is, ultimately creating risk and unnecessary staffing overhead. 

The Data X-Ray allows you to easily generate metadata about your physical unstructured data and bi-directional exchange between Data X-Ray and Collibra Data Catalog. This metadata can then be used to:

  • link and maintain your Data Catalog to physical data assets,
  • build process registers,
  • create data maps for data privacy regulations and Records of Processing Activities (ROPAs),
  • records management,
  • data mapping,
  • data minimization projects,
  • identifying data for migration to cold storage
  • extend Collibra data governance across the enterprise data landscape with unstructured data.


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Release Notes
  • Luhn Check support on regular expression rules
  • CSV Export enhancements
  • Date metadata can be filtered with open and close date ranges
  • Datasource index status shows now current status
  • Updated widget for month / year selector when selecting dates

Technical notes:

  • Several updates to the configuration files
  • Clean up existing Smart Labels – If you are already using Smart Labels, you will need to delete existing Smart Labels (steps provided) and create them again (manually)
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Kubernetes
  • ARO
  • Azure
  • Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud
  • Collibra Data Intelligence On-Prem
  • Podman
License and Usage Requirements

Release History

Version 4.0.0
January 21, 2021
Release Notes
  • More export options and reporting features around exporting
  • Export of entire datasources
  • More control of auto-redaction features for unstructured data for better accuracy
  • General bug fixes
  • Several performance improvements in datasource crawling
  • Deprecation of casefile support for structured databases (may return in future release)
  • Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud
  • Collibra Data Intelligence On-Prem
  • Collibra API v2
License and Usage Requirements
Version 3.12.6
September 4, 2020
Release Notes


  • Dashboards generated on an ongoing basis as the file system changes instead of needing to be refreshed
  • Many new redaction export options including 2 pass filters and enhanced name recognition
  • More tagging available in search screen
  • API support for programmatic file and text extraction
  • Data X-Ray 3.12.6
  • Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud
  • Collibra Data Intelligence On-Prem
  • N/A
License and Usage Requirements

Support is provided via email (support@ohalo.co), phone (+1 917 633 7719 or ‭+44 330 222 0016), and an in app chat box.

  • Basic support included (8:00-17:00 UK business hours)
  • Premium support available at additional cost

Cost dependent upon the number of files scanned. Please contact sales@ohalo.co


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