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Data X-Ray for Collibra unstructured data intelligence

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Current Version
September 4, 2020


The Data X-Ray powers automated unstructured data classification for Collibra Data Catalog to quickly scan across petabytes of data. The Data X-Ray also offers a powerful interface to discover data and respond to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) within the Collibra Privacy and Risk product.

Automated unstructured data classification for Collibra Data Catalog

Data classification, particularly for unstructured data, is often done on a piecemeal basis if at all. This means that you are making judgments based on what you think the data may be and not what the data actually is, ultimately creating risk and cost for the business. The Data X-Ray allows you to easily generate metadata about your unstructured data and sync that to the Collibra Data Catalog. This metadata can then be used to:

  • maintain your Data Catalog,
  • build data maps for data privacy regulations and Records of Processing Activities (ROPAs),
  • data minimization projects,
  • identifying data for migration to cold storage, and more.
Data minimization, migration, and retention through Collibra Data Catalog

Finding and then collaborating on retention and deletion matters is almost impossible without a centralized tool to manage the process.

Building on the identification capabilities of the Data X-Ray, the extraction features allow you to centrally collaborate on data for retention and deletion, all with a data governance audit record managed by Collibra Data Catalog to bring solid data governance around your projects.

  • Automated tracking of data in unstructured and structured data stores
  • Customized models to define what data is important to you in your organizational context
  • Tagging displayed in reports and consumable by Collibra
Quick response to data subject access requests in Collibra Privacy and Risk

Searching across your organization’s datasources for personal data relevant to a particular data subject can take weeks or sometimes even months.

The Data X-Ray keeps a constant and consistent index of people, organizations, dates, and more constantly up to date. This empowers you to search across multiple datasource repositories simultaneously in seconds, pulling back only the data that you need for a subject access or deletion request with a minimum of false positives.

  • entity search for individual’s data
  • simultaneous multi-datasource search
  • minimum of false positives
Securing data science pipelines with auto redaction

Using your data is only possible if it is done in a safe way. When your data science pipelines contain a large amount of sensitive or personal data, great care needs to be taken to anonymize that data before using it. Often this is done manually at great cost.

The Data X-Ray enables magnitude-level changes in your redaction workflows, changing what can be sometimes a years long process into a day long process.

  • Set up different classification models that work for your data
  • Deploy models to multiple data sets
  • Batch process thousands of documents at a time or push through API for integration into other parts of your data pipeline

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Release Notes


  • Dashboards generated on an ongoing basis as the file system changes instead of needing to be refreshed
  • Many new redaction export options including 2 pass filters and enhanced name recognition
  • More tagging available in search screen
  • API support for programmatic file and text extraction
  • Collibra Platform 5.7 and newer
  • Data X-Ray 3.12.6
License and Usage Requirements
  • Collibra Catalog or Data Dictionary
  • Collibra Privacy and Risk
  • Different use-cases apply to different license requirements.

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    Support is provided via email (support@ohalo.co), phone (+1 415 800 2913 or ‭+44 20 8133 7236‬), and an in app chat box.

    • Basic support included (8:00-17:00 UK business hours)
    • Premium support available at additional cost
    Please have a look at our different plans: https://www.ohalo.co/plans
    • Per seat pricing based on connector type (drag and drop data connector within Data X-Ray OR native connectors to cloud datasources like Google Drive, Box, Office365, etc.)
    • All infrastructure costs included. Terms and conditions at www.ohalo.co/toc.
    On premise/self-managed:
    • GB under management pricing model
    • Infrastructure is provided by the client. Terms and conditions provided upon request. Please contact sales@ohalo.co
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