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Published by Precisely

Trillium Discovery for Collibra

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Trillium Discovery for Collibra is the integration between the Collibra Platform and the Trillium Discovery module from Precisely. This integration enables the bi-directional interface between both products. Data Quality Business Rules created in Collibra are synchronized to Trillium Discovery and vice versa.

Business Rule metrics, quality dimensions, profile statistics, data lineage and even failing rows are automatically published to Collibra Platform for review. An issue is raised in Collibra when the Data Quality Business Rule is not meeting the measurement, threshold.

This new release doesn’t leverage Collibra Connect, it’s all done through APIs.



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Release Notes
  • Direct integration with Collibra API V2
  • bi-directional interface
  • Rulebooks, DQ Metrics, Physical Data Dictionary
  • Failing Values in Collibra
  • Failing Rows in Collibra
  • Issue Management integration
  • Collibra Platform 5.7 and newer
  • Trillium Discovery
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.8
  • Collibra API v2
License and Usage Requirements
  • Data Helpdesk
  • Collibra Catalog

Release History

No previous versions of this listing is available.

Trillium Discovery customers can get support by opening a support ticket on the My Support portal.

The integration software is free, Trillium Discovery for Collibra. As a prerequisite, customers need to have both Collibra Platform and Trillium Discovery.

Publisher may impose additional terms and conditions.


on October 23, 2020

Trillium Discovery for Collibra is a very robust microservices-based integration between market-leading Data Intelligence and Data Integrity technologies. It takes an advantage of rules created in Collibra or Trillium and brings data quality metrics, metadata, profile, and failed row data (optional) into Collibra. Data Quality issues are automatically registered in Collibra if the metric result failed the rule. The issues are also automatically resolved if the metric result passed the rule. Collibra users can take an advantage of the Trillium lineage diagram, and Quality dashboards on Rule, and Physical Data Dictionary assets level.
I would recommend this solution for Collibra customers who are looking for addressing Data Quality with Data Intelligence.

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