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Published by Lucid Technologies

Relevancy Rules based Custom Search for Collibra Assets

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Lucid’s Relevancy Rules based Custom Search for Collibra assets (Lucid’s Custom Search) enables users to always find appropriate data assets from the Enterprise catalog with the least number of clicks. This custom search service that can be embedded in any application, including within a dashboard in Collibra Data Governance Center (DGC).

Lucid’s Custom Search for Collibra assets allows the user to control the content displayed and the order of the search results using a configurable set of rules. These rules, configured as custom assets in Collibra, are used to calculate ‘Relevancy scores’ that are applied to specific asset types and their related asset types to

  • Match the search keyword to one or more attributes of the asset and not just to its name
  • Display either matching assets or their related assets
  • Identify and segregate exact and partial matches
  • Order the search results based on the score

The Search Solution leverages a custom Elasticsearch repository.

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