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Relevancy Rules based Custom Search for Collibra Assets

Published by: Expleo
Latest version: 1.2
Released: June 1, 2020
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To enable users always find appropriate data assets from the Enterprise catalog with the least number of clicks, we have created a custom search service that can be embedded in any application, including within a dashboard in Collibra Data Governance Center (DGC). Relevancy rules that reflect the Enterprise Data Standards can be configured in DGC, thereby ensuring that the assets that best meet the Enterprise Data Standards always rise to the top of the search results, thus rewarding adherence to standards.

How is it different from the Collibra Search API?

  • Keyword matches against a specific attribute of an asset or a related asset (for e.g. label or name of a report attribute can be matched and the report name returned in the result)
  • Search results can be ordered as specified by a configurable relevancy rule and with exact matches before partial matches – for e.g. on the exact match of the search keyword, rather than results being ordered alphabetically, we can specify the order of the results based on rules such as search keyword
  • (1) exact match to name or acronym of an “approved” metric/kpi/business term;
  • (2) exact match with a label or name of a report attribute of a report having a value “certified” for status;
  • (3) exact match to a name of a linked business term of a column of a certified view;
  • (4) exact match with a label or name of a report attribute of a report having a value “pending certification” for status;
  • (5) exact match to a name of a column in a table;
  • Exclusion criteria can be specified as a parameter for the Search API for e.g. do not match any asset having a value of “Deprecated” for status
  • Content to be returned in the search results can be managed using the display rules
  • Ability to search across multiple Collibra DGC instances
  • Identify and segregate exact and partial match



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