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Power BI to Collibra Integration

Published by: Expleo
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Expleo’s Collibra-Power BI Integration ingests the following Power BI metadata into Collibra: 

  • Workspace, App, Report, Report Page, Visual container, report attributes, Dataset, Power BI Tables, Power BI Columns, Power BI Measures, Power BI Hierarchy, Power BI Level, Power BI Static Table, Static Column, Filter, Power BI Datasource, Dashboards and Tiles 
  • The report attributes of the visual containers in report pages are loaded along with their relations with Power BI column and measures 
  • Relational data sources and Excel data sources are supported.i.e. their metadata are loaded into Collibra DIC to provide an end-to-end lineage from the report attribute to its source field/column in the data sources. This metadata is captured from Power BI. The actual metadata of these physical data sources must be separately loaded using EDGE or Expleo’s database integrations 
  • Detailed attribute-level metadata extracted from Power BI Dashboards and Reports and lineage enabled to the physical data assets 
  • Data Sources supported: SSAS Tabular View, relational databases, Flat files / Excel, other ODBC sources, OData feeds 
  • For Power BI Service, the asset extraction can be filtered based on Workspace, Dashboard and Report 
  • For Power BI Report server, the asset extraction can be filtered based on Folder and Report 
  • Support for Power BI Apps – captured as a group of assets such as the reports, dashboards and data sets packaged as part of the App  
  • Support for custom attributes captured as part of Power BI reports as enhanced metadata 
  • A flag – “Is Partially Loaded”, added to the assets to denote if the ingested assets’ mandatory characteristics are available or not 
  • Support for handling renames of Workspaces, Dashboards, Tiles, and Folders assets without their deprecation 
  • Attributes “Is Hidden”, “IS SQL Attached?” captured for Power BI reports 
  • Support for Shared datasets on Power BI Service 
  • SQL Parsing supported using 3rd party tools as a custom extension 
  • Support for dataset, dataflows and report-filter metadata, creation of Tags using custom attribute mapping 
  • Support for Sensitivity labels (for reports) and Endorsement attribute (for reports) 
  • Multiple authentication options for both Power BI service and Report server 
  • Support for credentials management in Azure Key Vault 
  • Support for loading report attribute relation to SAP HANA 
  • Default Expressions are captured. 
  • End-to-end lineage diagram. 

For a detailed feature set, refer to the attached datasheet. 

The Standard edition of the integration is offered on an annual subscription. A free trial subscription is also available. 



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Vendor supported resources

Vendor provides an email-based support for Standard and Advanced license holders.

Please visit https://expleo.freshdesk.com/support/home




Licensing   Free   Annual Subscription  
Validity Period   15 days   1-year  
Support for Functional Features   All listed in Release  


All listed in Release Notes  
Number of deployments allowed   1 Non-Prod   1 Prod + 1 Non- Prod  
Limit on number of assets loaded   Yes   No  

  1. Installation & Configuration Guide   
  1. Support Guide  
Yes   Yes  
Training included:  

 2 hours of virtual sessions for install/config (or) troubleshooting  

No   Yes  
Helpdesk/Support   No   Email-based support  

(Request logged through  

Support Portal –  

https://expleo.freshdesk.co m/support/home )   

Support response SLA   NA   1 business day  
Custom Extensions    NA   Not supported*  
Pricing   NA   Contact Expleo


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