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Power BI to Collibra Integration

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Power BI service is a cloud business intelligence software that helps you see and understand your data. You can ingest Power BI metadata in Data Catalog and create a technical lineage.

The Power BI integration in Collibra is a harvester integration that consists of:

  • Power BI metadata ingestion in Data Catalog
  • Automatic stitching
  • Technical lineage
  • Business summary lineage


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Release Notes

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The Power BI integration requires the installation of a standalone application. This application must be installed and configured on customer infrastructure with access to Power BI. A Data Catalog and BI Integration license must be purchased prior to using the Power BI harvester and lineage harvester.

  • Collibra Cloud
  • Power BI Premium
  • Power BI Premium Per User
  • Power BI Pro + Power BI Embedded Capacity subscription in Microsoft Azure
  • Java Runtime Environment 8
  • Lineage harvester 1.4. or newer
  • Data Catalog
  • Power BI harvester 1.1.0 and newer
License and Usage Requirements
  • Collibra Catalog
  • BI Integration
  • Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

Release History

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Support is provided in accordance with the Marketplace Terms.

Support and documentation is provided for all harvester integrations.

Create a support ticket.

Use of this integration requires the following licenses:

  • Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud
  • Data Catalog
  • BI Integration

Please contact your sales representative or Customer Success Manager for more information.


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