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PKWARE to Collibra Integration

Published by: PKWARE
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Integrating PK Protect with Collibra 

Data cataloging function is a vital part of data governance, collecting metadata around an organization’s data repositories to manage, inventory, and search for data as required by business need. Ingesting PII scan results into data catalogs allows security teams to assess the organization’s held risk and determine where access control needs to be enforced.  

PKWARE’s PK Protect data security and protection suite is purpose-built to report PII for compliance regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and more. In addition, PK Protect empowers users to de-identify data on both endpoints and data repositories to create a complete solution.  

Combining PK Protect with Collibra’s Data Governance Center provides access to review reports specifically targeted to PII exposure right within data catalogs. With PK Protect, users can easily build custom policies to allow business units to determine appropriate action in a timely manner.  

The Value of Integration 

As a standalone, Collibra provides users with the ability to create custom workflows, allowing leadership to designate what actions can be performed by which employees. Together with PK Protect, users are able to track actions taken during the risk assessment process and plan for enterprise-wide discovery coverage. PII is accurately denoted within Collibra reports, giving governance teams the information necessary to determine acceptable exposure.  


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