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Operating Model Diagnostic

Published by: Collibra Marketplace
Latest version: v1.2.0
Released: July 1, 2022
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Robust organization structure, understanding of the owned organizational assets and the process of governance are the foundations of Collibra Data Governance Centre configuration. In Collibra terminology we call this the Operating Model.

While Collibra offers a high degree of flexibility and configuration, a resilient and viable Operating Model is the necessary foundation to address possible future challenges, increase adoption of the solution and avoid pitfalls during use case implementation.

The Operating Model is the basis of the data governance initiative and with every additional use case implemented the Operating Model may become more complex and require effort to keep it complete and accurate. In order to help customers, Collibra delivers ongoing new features which can help with this challenge. The Collibra Operating Model Diagnostic workflow is one such tool that provides the following features:

  • Collects technical information about the current configuration of the Operating Model
  • Identifies potential gaps in the Operating Model and provides recommendations for tuning
  • Collects information about how the Operating Model is being governed

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Release Notes

The Operating Model Diagnostic workflow reads the following Operating Model resources and generates a report in spreadsheet format with the collected statistics, identified gaps and also recommendations on how the Operating Model may be improved.

  • Assets and Asset Types
  • Characteristics – Attribute Types, Relation Types, Complex Relation Types
  • Domain Types
  • Scopes
  • Communities and Domains
  • Global Roles and Resource Roles
  • Users and User Groups
  • Workflows
  • Social Features – ratings, tags, comments, attachments
  • Validation rules and Data Quality rules.


  • Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud
  • Collibra API v2
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on September 07, 2022

Hello, the package only works for Apple Operating System? It creates an error when you try to upload the workflow.

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