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Opendatasoft Collibra connector

Published by: Opendatasoft
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Opendatasoft has developed a seamless and automated integration with Collibra data catalog solution.

Through the integration of Collibra data catalog with Opendatasoft, our application enhances the accessibility and reusability of Collibra data catalog’s data assets and offer new user experiences.

The data assets’ attributes contained in Collibra data catalog are easily mapped into Opendatasoft, to inherit data governance rights into Opendatasoft. This allows the making of data assets easily accessible and reusable within a unified hub, and also offers the potential for novel data experiences for data consumers.

With Opendatasoft’s data portal layer added to Collibra data catalog, data becomes comprehensible to everyone, from technical experts to everyday consumers and citizens. This broadens the reach of data, making it accessible to the widest possible audience and maximizing its value.
This approach not only contextualizes your data but also enriches it with greater depth.


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