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Octopai Data Lineage with Collibra

Published by: Octopai
Latest version: Version 8.6+
Released: November 1, 2019
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Octopai’s integration with Collibra creates accurate and profound visibility of data lineage and data discovery, with the availability of metadata and data flow within a click of a button from all sources on both platform at column to column level across BI platforms.  Thus providing an unprecedented level of meaningful data analysis for data governance and BI teams. 

Use Case #1 – Automated Asset Discovery for Collibra 

  • Automated data discovery and mapping of BI data assets
  • Help with the creation of a reports catalog 
  • Accelerated time to insight and increased accuracy

Use Case #2 – Automated end-to-end Data Lineage to enhance Collaboration in Collibra

  • Collaboration for compliance purposes and IT documentation
  • Data governance, understanding how IT and BI assets are connected

But on a more granular level, here are some main use cases for which data teams are leveraging Octopai’s automated data lineage inside Collibra:

  1. Improving collaboration between non technical data professionals and technical data professionals
  2. Understanding how data flows throughout their BI systems
  3. Documentation for auditing purposes

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