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Manta Technical Lineage for Collibra

Published by: Manta
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Partner Offerings are Apps published by third party Collibra partners. Partners create, own and are responsible for their Partner Offerings. Read more.


“Partner Offerings” are offerings published by third party Collibra Partners via the Collibra Marketplace. Partners create, own and are responsible for their Partner Offerings. Fees, if any, associated with Partner Offerings are designated and collected by the Partner.  Your use and purchase (if applicable) of Partner Offerings are subject to (a) the terms and conditions referenced on or via link within the Partner Offering listing, or (b) if such terms and conditions are not referenced on the listing, then the Collibra Marketplace License Agreement.  Your Master Agreement with Collibra for the Collibra Service DOES NOT apply to your use of the Partner Offerings (including any warranties, support services and service levels referenced therein).  Collibra may, but is not obligated to provide first level support for customers of the Collibra Service with respect to your use of a Partner Offering.

Your systems keep getting more and more complex, and along with them, your data lineage.

With large volumes of data at your fingertips, it is difficult to keep track of where it came from and how it is being augmented and know if it is up to date. Those are a lot of question marks when it comes to improving your data governance, decision-making, regulatory compliance, or enabling self-service in terms of data processing.

MANTA provides DGC with data lineage that is always up-to-date, thanks to full automation. MANTA connects itself through and creates its own “Manta Meta Model”. The MANTA Model is connected to native DGC Physical Assets, allowing MANTA to dive into all the data you have, and describe all the transformations it finds through the database dialects that MANTA supports.

MANTA fully automates the extraction of technical metadata and lineage from all databases, scripts, stored procedures, and other kinds of data processing logic across your whole environment and feeds them into Collibra so you don’t have to analyze them manually, and you get a repeatable solution.



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