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Data Security Governance

Published by: Lorang Technologies
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The Data-centric organization’s ecosystem depends on numerous, heterogeneous Data provisioning applications. Data access requests are orchestrated by various mechanisms, depending on the system of request. In most cases, these are performed by an IT change request systems that follow specific change request process lifecycles. Such a process is time-consuming, labor-intensive, not user-intuitive and leads to loss of time and productivity and reduced business value as the user must wait for access.

The solution is process simplification. This is accomplished by effective orchestration of the tools (Collibra, GCP, AWS, Azure, Snowflake, HDFS, Hive) and access mechanisms (RBAC & PBAC) and automation of access grants and policy enforcement (Apache Ranger) for less manual intervention. It also creates a Servicenow ticket in case of access requests for traditional applications without APIs.  The Collibra Data Intelligence platform provides a Catalog of all the Data resources and the capability to request Data access. The DSG framework, which is built around Lorang Technology’s proprietary Metadata Integration Framework (MIF), orchestrates the request. The Data provisioning system (GCP, AWS, Azure, Snowflake, HDFS, Hive) of request determines which enforcement mechanism will be triggered, and DSG finds the optimal way to grant access to the systems that provide RESTful services while automatically applying and enforcing policy and security policies that are predefined by the Policy Admin/ Info Security.

DSG Features:

  • Provides a unified access policy management platform for multiple access control tools (GCP IAM, AWS IAM, Azure RBAC, Snowflake ACF) Collibra Operating Model maps to the policy structure of target access control framework
  • Detects and synchronizes policy changes between Collibra and target policy frameworks (Apache Ranger) using the respective REST APIs
  • Converts policy formats between Collibra and target policy frameworks
  • Provides auto-notification of access grants
  • Enables inheritance of access tags (PII, PCI, etc.) from the business taxonomy/ data classifications to the physical data elements
  • Provides recommendation of access policies based on toxic combinations of given data sets
  • Streamlines the data shopping experience for the user, hiding the complexity of roles, access policies , permissions, etc.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Servicenow ticketing system



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