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API Governance (APIGov)

Published by: Lorang Technologies
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In the open API-driven ecosystem, APIs are no longer a matter of technology strategy alone, but are also critical to business strategy. The exponential growth of API production and consumption has raised significant business and functional challenges:

  • APIs housed and documented inconsistently in varieties of platforms
  • Challenging to ensure that APIs get data from reputable sources
  • Lack of clear and consistent policies and standards
  • Unmanaged APIs with lack of visibility, multiple sources of truth and duplicate functionality
  • Missing traceability between API parameters and Data assets
  • Unauthorized access to APIs due to lack of well-defined roles

The Lorang APIGov framework addresses these challenges and a provides a solution for implementation of a robust API Governance program that applies to all phases of API lifecycle by connecting disparate API platforms including API lifecycle management (Apigee), API documentation (Swagger), API version management (GitHub, Bitbucket), Access Controls and API Gateway. It enables the establishment of a centralized and governed API catalog (Collibra), which acts as a single source of truth and promotes ownership,  stewardship and enterprise-wide visibility and accessibility. The governed catalog allows APIs to be built proactively to achieve specific goals, to be deployed and run efficiently and reduces time spent on finding the right APIs for the right purpose. It implements democratization of APIs by providing capabilities to tag, rate and provide interactive feedback, enabling self-service for internal and external API consumers, promoting Data Literacy and optimizing business value.


  • Sensitivity classification and categorization (by LOB, Data domain, product, region, etc.) of APIs with tagging and rating
  • Associates APIs with input and output datasets by parsing API specifications and documentation
  • Provides inferred API-based Data Lineage and inventory of APIs in Collibra
  • Fully-configurable workflows to govern API lifecycle from inception to sunsetting
  • Relates APIs to the Business Glossary and Physical Data Elements with guided stewardship
  • Allows API checkout with Collibra Data basket and orchestrates provisioning (Servicenow ticketing system)


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