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Published by: LeanIX
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The availability of accurate, reliable data within an organization is key to data-driven decision-making. The partnership between LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and Collibra Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) enhances data governance for organizations by ensuring full alignment between Enterprise Architecture and Data Architecture. With transparency established over where the data is mastered and how it flows through the IT landscape, organizations can simultaneously eliminate data silos and improve metadata quality.

The integration between LeanIX EAM and Collibra EDC is bidirectional. Thanks to this integration, organizations can:

  • Synchronize the Conceptual Data Layer from Collibra Data Catalog (including name, Community and Domain hierarchies, Asset type, descriptions, and relations) with Data Objects Fact Sheets in LeanIX EAM, enabling analysis of data usage and data management all the way down to the application/interface level

  • Map ownership of data assets from Collibra to Subscriptions in LeanIX, establishing clear accountability for all stakeholders.

  • Connect Application Fact Sheets from LeanIX EAM to Technology Assets in Collibra EDC

The integration features low-code configuration, requiring no prior technical knowledge. Please refer to this documentation page for more details on syncing the Conceptual Data Layer from Collibra to Data Objects in LeanIX.


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LeanIX EAM is a SaaS solution offering one base module: Application Portfolio Management (APM) and two additional modules to support broader use cases: Technology Risk Management (TRM) and Business Transformation Management (BTM).

Our license model is based on the number of applications managed. There are no limits on the number of users within your organization. To learn more, please visit LeanIX pricing model.


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