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Knowledge Graphs Powered by Collibra

Published by: Stardog
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To help organizations succeed in this changing world, data & analytics leaders must evolve their approach to data management:

Rigid, physical and tabular data access, meaning and discovery for analytics



Frictionless and semantic data access, meaning and discovery for analytics


And ultimately:

Data democratization and literacy for all users regardless of technical ability 


Our joint partnership with Collibra helps organisations to achieve that vision.

We have developed a bi directional interface which is now part of the Stardog Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform and utilises Collibra’s publicly Available REST API.

For organisations utilising Collibra and invested in Data Governance Suite this integration enables them to

— Bring All the metadata inventory in a Knowledge Graph to Visualise, Navigate and Query the whole catalogue for Citizen data users

— Utilise Stardog’s library of rich connectors to also publish this metadata from wide variety of sources back into Collibra DGC enhancing the capability of Collibra further.

As a wider vision Enterprises benefit by mapping real time data systems into this inventory allowing them to activate the metadata by enabling them to query the semantic layer for information based on actual data records.



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