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Published by SecuPi

Automated Purpose Based Data Access Control and Privacy Management

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SecuPi introduces an end-to-end unified Data Governance, Security, Privacy and Enforcement platform on top of Collibra: automating governance operational processes and providing end-to-end data governance management and access control across the organization’s IT ecosystem (on premise and in the cloud).

SecuPi monitors in real-time all users activity accessing sensitive or regulated data as classified within Collibra Data Catalog. It therefore helps identify & prevent rogue users while dynamically applyinig data protection and remediation policies across sensitive data and users communities.

Automated Data Management to Real Time Data Access Control & Enforcement

Leveraging data classifications in Collibra, SecuPi automates the end-to-end governance and security policies enforcement across the organization IT ecosystem.

  • Master data catalog & enrichment data discovered and classified by Collibra is propagated to SecuPi management server periodically or upon request,
  • Access policies defined within SecuPi for sensitive data elements, users communities and data consumption tool based on roles (RBAC), Data Attribute (ABAC) and any other data attribute,
  • SecuPi enforces, in real time, data access policies,
  • Data Access Policies Applied on Business Applications, Analytic Tools, DWH (Terdata, Cloudera, etc.) and Cloud Data Platforms (GCP Big Query, Snowflake, etc.) leveraging Collibra’s Data Catalog & SecuPi’s Enforcement.

Joined Value Proposition

  • Addressing Multiple Stakeholders Needs: Leverage inherent capabilities to address business needs of both the CDO, CISO & CIO,
  • Unified Platform – Data Governance, IRR Management, Enforcement Solution: ONE solution for CCPA, GDPR compliance (e.g., “Right of Erasure”), IRR Requests & Insider-threat for BOTH On Premise & Cloud Hosted data,
  • Best of Breed, Pre-Packaged Solution: Collibra Catalog coupled with SecuPi Data Privacy & Compliance Enforcement and UBA Solution providing unmatched real time data access control and visibility,
  • Out of the box Data Catalog – Enforcement Engine Integration: Enabling automated implementation of data access policies on ever growing data inventory, regulatory requirements, use cases, business needs etc. across data access tools (business apps, analytics, direct Database or Data Repository access),
  • Agile and Efficient: Configurable platform to meet current & future applications, privacy remediation requirements and sensitive activity monitoring & auditing requirements,
  • No Code Changes: No source-code changes with fast & cost-efficient implementation.



More details

Release Notes
  • Native & seamless integration with Collibra Catalog
  • Collibra data catalog retrieved by SecuPi using REST API
  • Periodically (configurable)
  • On demand (click based)

New enriched attributes are added for each table/column to be imported:

  • Sensitivity, Data-format and Classification
  • Table/column tag

Enriched catalog data is imported to SecuPi Resource Access module
Data in SecuPi stored as resources
Each application in scope may have its own integration, different tags with different applications can be imported, and get different tables/columns for each
Sensitivity, data format and classification are per table/column so are the same for all applications

Integration through pointing to Collibra Catalog IP/URL in SecuPi management Server

  • Collibra Platform 5.7
  • N/A
License and Usage Requirements
  • SecuPi Management Server
  • SecuPi Data Access Control

Release History

No previous versions of this listing is available.

SecuPi provides 24/7 support (response) and SLA based support. SecuPi support service is defined in the SecuPi End User License Agreement.

You can contact support@secupi.com or collibra@secupi.com

  • SecuPi is licensed on an annual subscription model basis
  • Pricing is driven by the number of APPLICATION TYPES protected by SecuPi
  • In case of Direct BD users (e.g., DBAs), pricing is based on Named Users


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