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Ethikit – Trusted AI for your Business

Published by: Deloitte Canada
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This tool is used to support LOBs, AI COE, and 2nd line stakeholders to efficiently govern and manage risks associated with a given AI use case throughout the AI development lifecycle.

The actionable guidance, risk ratings, and dashboards benefit and support AI/analytics teams, business lines, risk management stakeholders and executives.

The intended use of the tool is during the design and early development stages of the AI lifecycle.

Key Benefits

  • The tool is built for AI system owners & developers to identify & mitigate risk.
  • Stakeholders across the organization benefit from the output; risk management teams leverage risk ratings, the support functions (e.g., compliance & legal) are consulted, this also provides the leaders & executives with a greater understanding of the AI systems within the organization.
  • The tool poses questions focused on what the AI system owner/developer can control and is able to answer early in the AI lifecycle. Questions appear only if relevant, based on the parameters of the AI system
  • It acts as an AI system inventory and aggregates results to generate insights in dashboards for leaders/executives.

Business Value 

  • Data ethics embedded across the enterprise
  • Trust built across stakeholders promoting enterprise data ethics adoption and standardization
  • Common language and reporting metrics to ensure alignment across the organization and stakeholders
  • Configurable tool to accommodate rapid changes in risk assessments



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