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ESRI ArcGIS to Collibra integration

Published by: Collibra Marketplace
Latest version: 1.0.7
Released: September 30, 2022
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For this specific integration (and all other Custom Integrations listed on the Collibra Marketplace), please read the following disclaimer:

  • This integration is a template that has been developed in cooperation with a few select clients based on their custom use cases and business needs.
  • While all effort has been made to encompass a range of typical usage scenarios, specific needs beyond this may require chargeable template customization.
  • With this in mind, we have made sure that the template is available as source code and readily modifiable to suit the client's particular use case.

The scope of the ESRI ArcGIS Spring Boot integration is to extract the contents and metadata of ArcGIS maps hosted on an ArcGIS server and ingest this data to the Collibra Platform. The integration covers the ingestion of ArcGIS Endpoints, Folders, Services, Layers, Fields, Code Sets, Code Values and Spatial References into Collibra as assets, the ingestion of these assets’ attributes and the creation of relationships between these ingested ArcGIS assets defined in the Collibra Operating Model (OM) for ArcGIS.

This Spring Boot integration extracts metadata from ESRI and imports them to the Collibra Platform. The ESRI entities that the integration will import as assets include:

  • ESRI Database (as a root asset),
  • ESRI Endpoints,
  • ESRI Folders,
  • ESRI Services,
  • ESRI Layers,
  • ESRI Fields.
  • ESRI Code Sets,
  • ESRI Code Values,
  • ESRI Spatial References

In addition to this, the integration will create relationships/links between imported assets the same way as they linked in ESRI ArcGIS REST API.


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Release Notes
  • Ability to import ESRI metadata
  • Build lineage diagrams and trace paths to visualize ESRI metadata assets
  • Create new metamodel that includes custom ESRI to Collibra Mappings
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud
  • Collibra Data Intelligence On-Prem
  • ESRI ArcGIS REST API v10.71+
  • Collibra Integration Library v1.1.8 or newer
  • Java Development Kit v1.8
  • Spring Boot Integration Library
License and Usage Requirements


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