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ER/Studio Integration for Data Modeling

Published by: Idera Inc.
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The integration between ER/Studio and Collibra provides a platform for connecting data architecture with data governance to create a unified data ecosystem.

Data architects are responsible for designing, documenting and maintaining data assets. Their practical experience of data assets and their structure means they are best placed to contribute to the data catalog and map data assets to business terms.

Deep knowledge of the information of the organization allows them to contribute business terms – complete with their ontological relationships – to populate Collibra business glossaries. 

This makes data architects a critical asset to data governance initiatives, kick-starting the creation of the business glossary and contributing to the Collibra data catalog. 

The ER/Studio-Collibra integration introduces business glossary automation capabilities, enabling the harvesting of business terms from data models. The harvested information can then be easily and seamlessly populated within the Collibra platform. This provides an efficient means for the data governance project to utilize the knowledge of data architects.

The automation also helps maintain consistency and accuracy, ensuring business terms aren’t missed, misclassified or mistranslated. The ontological relationships between business terms can also be harvested from data models, and included in business glossaries providing categorization and an efficient mechanism to browse the data catalog. This greatly aids data democratization throughout the enterprise. 

The integration provides a flexible and configurable connection between the tools that requires no technical knowledge to configure.

To get a demo of ER/Studio and this integration click here.



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