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March 18, 2020
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Data is everwhere, are you making most out of it?

Collibra for Desktop is a light weight interface to Collibra.

It is your companion app helping you find the right information at the right time. Whatever you are up to, Collibra for Desktop helps you find the data you need, fast!

Within any application, highlight the words you want to search for, hit a customizable shortcut. Collibra for Desktop helps you quickly understand the data you are looking at…

Collibra for Desktop helps you to reach larger (untrained) audiences and make them participate to the data community.


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Release Notes

Main features:
– Pre-configured installation (allows to make usage and installation easier for the end user)
– SSO (Saml) authentication
– Analytics
– Auto-updater
– Installation via Windows Store (not preferred – as it does not allow for pre-configuration)

– Search & hotkey search
– Search filters
– Default search filter

Asset Page
– Characteristics, responsibilities, tags
– Navigate clickable Relations (includ. complex relations)
– Ratings, comments
– Tableau Dashboard Summary
– Share links

– Releases follow up fast. If you can, opt in for auto-updates.


Collibra Platform 5.6.x and newer

License and Usage Requirements

No previous versions of this listing is available.

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