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Denodo Governance Bridge for Collibra

Published by: Denodo
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The Denodo Governance Bridge for Collibra retrieves metadata from Denodo Platform, transforms and upserts it to a Collibra Platform instance as assets and complex relations.

The following metadata is fetched from Denodo Platform and imported as Collibra assets:

  •  JDBC Connections
  • Database-icon.gif    Databases
  • Folder-icon.gif    Folders
  • DataSource-icon.gif    Data Sources
  • BaseView-icon.gif    Base Views
  • DerivedView-icon.gif    Derived Views
  • InterfaceView-icon.gif    Interface Views
  • Column-icon.gif    Columns

The mapping between Denodo elements and Collibra assets is described in the Denodo Governance Bridge for Collibra manual.

The Denodo Governance Bridge for Collibra requires in this initial version the Collibra Integration Library to communicate with the Collibra Platform instance.

Lineage of Denodo views is available in the Collibra’s business lineage diagram, the user can see source systems for Denodo base views as well as relationships between views for Denodo derived views (as Denodo views dependencies).

The Denodo Governance Bridge can be downloaded from the Denodo support site (section Denodo Connects):

Link to download Denodo Governance Bridge for Collibra.

Version: 1.0 July 2023



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