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Data Watchdog Data Enablement Suite to Collibra integration

Published by: WCKD RZR
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Data Watchdog is a Data Enablement Suite that unlocks the potential of your organisation’s data. It allows you to understand the state of your data infrastructure, label data in automated manner, define a set of data governance policies and enforce data compliance policies without a significant latency impact.

Data Watchdog – Key features:

  • Allows to understand the state of the data infrastructure through automated discovery (Intelligent Indexing Tool)
  • Learns the design of the data infrastructure through automated process called Crawling (Intelligent Indexing Tool)
  • Maps physical data assets into logical terms (aka labels or tags) using a set of multi-stage, AI & ML enforced algorithms (Intelligent Indexing Tool)
  • Allows you to define a set of Data Governance Policies (Dynamic Policy Enforcement Engine)
  • Provides a Dynamic Policy Enforcement Engine that controls user access to the data based on the defined rules, user groups and user predicates (Dynamic Policy Enforcement Engine)
  • Incorporates logical term & row level redaction using various types of data anonymising techniques such as Redaction, Removal, Hashing, Masking or Offsetting (Dynamic Policy Enforcement Engine)
  • Provides a Data Supermarket feature that allows users to create, share and rate reports (Data Supermarket)
  • Operates in unobtrusive manner, requires minimal configuration, does not cause a significant latency impact
  • Provides a set of insight tools that improve understanding of data infrastructure, access patterns, bottlenecks and others
  • Access all of your data resources in a single place while complying with set Data Governance Policies. Data Watchdog can operate in two different modes
    • Stealth mode – Allows you to access all of your databases using a single database connection
    • Data Supermarket mode – Allows you to access all of your databases using a simple to use and user friendly web interface.


WCKD RZR and Collibra 

No matter where you are with your Collibra journey, WCKD RZR can help you accelerate the construction of your data catalogue and facilitate a real time data policy enforcement capability for your organisation. 

New Clients 

If you are at the start of your Collibra journey, WCKD RZR’s Data Watchdog can help you rapidly build your initial catalogue by: 

  • Automatically mapping out your database structure using our Data Discovery tool, in a matter of minutes. 
  • Applying Intelligent Indexing with our machine learning algorithms, starting the process of enriching and labelling the newly discovered data. 
  • Providing easy to use workflow to allow data control owners and data users validate and add additional data tags, both quickly and efficiently. 

Data Watchdog integrates with Collibra to enable swift population of your Collibra catalogue from scratch. 

Partial Completion 

For organisations where the data estate is semi-catalogued: Data Watchdog can help organisations rapidly complete the job. Data Watchdog’s integration with Collibra synchs what is currently in the organisation’s catalogue against Data Watchdog’s data discovery mapping and intelligent indexing.   

Advanced/Mature Users 

For the organisation that already manages their fully-catalogued data estate in Collibra: take the next step with Data Watchdog by maintaining all your data governance policies in one place and enforcing them across all your databases around the world. 

Store all your data governance policies in Collibra.  These include your data privacy, data sharing, data security clearance levels, HR, data entitlements and access and information barriers.   

Data Watchdog enforces these policies across all your databases around the world in real time by: 

  • Intercepting data requests, then triaging them against the user profile and all data governance and access rules. 
  • Dynamically ensuring compliance for non-permissible fields (via Redaction, Masking, and more) without duplicating or altering the underlying data source. 
  • Reporting significant attempted data access violations to relevant managers, data owners, and/or data security teams. 
  • Monitoring who is accessing what data, at an organisational level. 
  • Providing the ability to ‘audit’ as well as ‘enforce’ data policies, so that data governors can assess the potential impact of a new rule prior to implementation. 
  • Offering full transparency to users, managers, auditors, and regulators on the enforcement of policies. 


Collibra and Data Watchdog provide you a powerful way of enforcing all your data policies across all your databases around the world from one place. 



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