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Data Quality Workflows for Collibra DQ

Published by: Collibra Data Quality
Latest version: 1.0
Released: October 11, 2021
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Release Notes

Release notes are accessible here.

  • Collibra Cloud (2021.07 Release or newer)
  • Collibra Data Quality 2.15 (or newer)
  • Collibra Edge
  • Collibra DQ Connector
License and Usage Requirements

DQ Workflows are listed on Collibra Marketplace and are templates to get customers started. Collibra-provided Marketplace listings are not subject to the same SLA obligations (https://marketplace.collibra.com/marketplace-terms/).

In addition, they can only be leveraged within Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud. In the future, we will work towards releasing bi-directional workflows.

You need to purchase a Collibra Data Quality license in order to leverage these workflows.

Please contact the Collibra Data Quality team or your CSM to know more.


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