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Data Access Requester – ServiceNow Service Management

Published by: Lorang Technologies
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The Data-centric organization’s ecosystem depends upon multiple, heterogeneous Data provisioning systems. Data access requests in most cases are performed by IT change request systems that follow specific change request process life cycles. Such a process is time-consuming, labor-intensive, leading to loss of time and productivity and reduced business value as the user must wait for access.

Following business and functional challenges are typically encountered in provisioning access to data sources:

  • Lack of a centralized governance platform to control access to multiple data sources
  • Logical Data provisioning in Collibra through Checkout mechanism has to be communicated through external means like e-mail to an ITSM (e.g., ServiceNow Service Management)
  • ITSM team has to manually create a ticket in the provisioning system (ServiceNow Service Management)
  • Ticket status is not reflected automatically in the Collibra portal and must be communicated by the ITSM team to Collibra users through email.
  • Increased turn-around time between logical provisioning (in Collibra) and granting physical access (through ServiceNow Service Management)
  • Lack of real time status updates between Collibra and ITSM tool

This artifact provides a simplified and effective integration between Collibra and ServiceNow Service Management with automated data-access provisioning with reduced manual intervention.

Integration with ServiceNow Service Management can handle access requests for Relational or Big-Data data sources and Applications. This accelerator can be integrated with an Out-Of-The-Box or Custom DataSet checkout mechanism in Collibra. The Data Set checkout workflow can trigger the workflow in the ServiceNow Service Management component by creating a ticket in ServiceNow Service Management and facilitating the provisioning. Optionally, Data Usage (DU) Asset can be linked to ServiceNow Service Management. The ServiceNow Service Management webhook can update the ticket status in DU.

ServiceNow Service Management Integration Component Features:

  • Seamlessly integrates with the ServiceNow Service Management ticketing system.
  • Centralized data access provisioning by integrating logical access granting (Collibra) with physical data provisioning (ServiceNow Service Management)
  • Can integrate with the Data Set checkout mechanism in Collibra (out-of-the-box or custom checkout)
  • Simple integration mechanism – any Collibra accelerator can integrate by invoking a single workflow in the ServiceNow Service Management component.
  • Real-time status updates in Collibra Assets (Data Usage) about the ticket status
  • Provides auto-notification of access grants to stakeholders.


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