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May 1, 2018
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May 1, 2018

Collibra Dashboard Design Kit

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The Collibra Dashboard Design Kit is a collection of resources that allows you to design, build and test dashboards for data citizens. The kit focuses on dashboards as a landing pages, so you can offer all your users a great first-time Collibra experience. The kit includes:

  • Landing page best practices
  • Design templates
  • Example dashboards and widgets
  • HTML templates for custom text widgets and landing pages
  • A guide to testing your dashboards with your users

More details

Release Notes

Initial release. Main features are:

  • Information about the best practices for Collibra DGC Dashboard design
  • HTML templates for custom text widgets and landing pages
  • Dashboard design examples
  • Collibra DGC 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3
License Requirements
  • Any Collibra DGC application
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

No previous versions of this listing is available.

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Excellent presentation, very clear, excellent combination of practical advice (thanks for the links to unsplash and thenounproject) and inspiration.