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Bitbucket-Collibra integration

Published by: Lorang Technologies
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Partner Offerings are Apps published by third party Collibra partners. Partners create, own and are responsible for their Partner Offerings. Read more.


“Partner Offerings” are offerings published by third party Collibra Partners via the Collibra Marketplace. Partners create, own and are responsible for their Partner Offerings. Fees, if any, associated with Partner Offerings are designated and collected by the Partner.  Your use and purchase (if applicable) of Partner Offerings are subject to (a) the terms and conditions referenced on or via link within the Partner Offering listing, or (b) if such terms and conditions are not referenced on the listing, then the Collibra Marketplace License Agreement.  Your Master Agreement with Collibra for the Collibra Service DOES NOT apply to your use of the Partner Offerings (including any warranties, support services and service levels referenced therein).  Collibra may, but is not obligated to provide first level support for customers of the Collibra Service with respect to your use of a Partner Offering.

The Bitbucket-Collibra integration accelerator helps to govern the development lifecycle of custom assets. Though Collibra is typically used for data governance, it is flexible and customizable to support the governance of other kinds of assets like API, ML Models, Access policies, etc. This feature can be used to govern the asset life cycle – e.g., Design, Develop, Deprecate, Publish, Retire.

Following are the business and functional challenges that are encountered in governing the development lifecycle of assets:

  • Lack of a centralized governance platform to control access to project repositories.
  • Logical initiation of development in Collibra must be communicated through external means like e-mail to Development teams.
  • Lack of two-way synchronization and real time updates between Collibra and the Bitbucket repository.
  • Governance team in Collibra being not aware of the project development status in the Bitbucket repository.
  • Higher management needs to be aware of the source-code repository details to understand the development status.
  • Increased turn-around time between logical initiation of development (in Collibra) and repository creation (in Bitbucket).

This accelerator provides a simplified and effective integration between Collibra and Bitbucket. Collibra workflows trigger automatically by updating the Bitbucket repository with reduced manual intervention.

Project attributes and structure can be specified in Collibra and a skeleton project with the given template is automatically created in Bitbucket. Webhook integration in Bitbucket allows two-way communication between Collibra and Bitbucket. Updates to the project repository in Bitbucket (e.g., merge request from feature -> dev, dev -> release branch) automatically triggers approval workflows in Collibra. Efficient usage of Labels feature in Bitbucket allows categorization into different phases of development lifecycle (Develop, Publish, Deprecate, Retire, etc.)

Collibra-Bitbucket Integration accelerator Features:

  • Seamlessly integrates with Bitbucket repository.
  • Centralized governance of Development life cycle by integrating development initiation (Collibra) with repository creation (Bitbucket).
  • Enables governance of different lifecycle phases (Develop, Publish, Deprecate, Retire) of assets like API, ML Models.
  • Simple integration mechanism – any Collibra accelerator can integrate by invoking a single workflow in the Bitbucket accelerator.
  • Real-time status updates in Collibra Assets (Project, API, ML Model).
  • Provides auto-notification of Asset status to stakeholders.


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