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Automate Privacy Assessments with Collibra’s WireWheel Integration

Published by: Wirewheel
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Privacy Assessments have become a key requirement for enterprises seeking to comply with a growing chorus of state and global privacy regulations.  Creating, updating, and maintaining these assessments, from privacy threshold assessments (PTA’s) to Records of Processing Activities (RoPA’s), is difficult and time-consuming.

Rather than struggling to identify where personal data is stored, spending energy tracking down system owners, and bothering people to fill out assessments, advance your organization’s privacy program with WireWheel and Collibra’s integrated privacy solution.

Key benefits include:

  • Access an up-to-date view of the PII stored at your company and where your risk is
  • Feel confident in knowing where personal data is stored and who system owners are
  • Know which systems need to be assessed and who should answer the assessments


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