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What’s new on Marketplace

Collibra is changing the taxonomy for Marketplace listings to help our customers better understand our policies around them. As such, we have updated our Marketplace Terms and address the changes at a high level below.

What’s staying the same?

Our level of support and engagement around each listing will remain the same. We are simply changing the taxonomy to more accurately reflect our current practices.

What are the changes?

Each Marketplace listing will now be placed in one of the three categories: Commercial Offerings, Partner Offerings or Community Offerings.

The terms “Vendor Supported,” “Certified,” “Free” and “Paid” will be removed from all listings.

The concepts identified through these labels are addressed within each new category’s definition, and as such, they are no longer necessary.

Commercial Offerings

“Commercial Offerings” are Marketplace listings purchased as part of the Collibra Service. Your use of Commercial Offerings is governed by the terms and conditions of your commercial agreement with Collibra for the purchase of the Collibra Service. Our commercial warranties and support service levels apply to Commercial Offerings.

Partner Offerings

“Partner Offerings” are Marketplace listings published by third party Collibra partners. Partners create, own and are responsible for their Partner Offerings. Fees, if any, associated with Partner Offerings are designated and collected by the Partner. Partners may provide their own support for Partner Offerings. In the past, we have attempted to resolve certain customer issues regarding listings now classified as Partner Offerings through our standard support process, and we will continue to do so. However, Collibra only has the ability to commit to commercial warranties and SLAs for Commercial Offerings. For many of our Partner Offerings, it is advisable that our customers reach out directly to our Partners for support.

Community Offerings

“Community Offerings” are Marketplace listings published by third parties or Collibra within the Collibra Marketplace community. Community Offerings are free and made available “as is” by Collibra. While in some cases, we may attempt to address customer support inquiries regarding Community Offerings, we encourage customers to seek assistance through the Data Citizens community with respect to these issues.
Where can I read more about the new categories?

Our Marketplace Terms have been updated to reflect all of these changes and address each category in more detail.