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 Enterprise Data Governance

Extracts Talend Data Quality Metrics and ingests them into Rule Book using Collibra DGC Connector

JDBC Driver
Published by Collibra Catalog Version 19.0.7285

The JDBC driver allows Collibra Catalog to register Teradata data sources.

Target Audience

Keeps Salesforce.com (SFDC) metadata in sync with Collibra Data Dictionary.


Ingests Google Cloud Storage metadata into Collibra Data Dictionary using Collibra Connect Hub

The JDBC driver allows Collibra Catalog to register SharePoint data sources.

Target Audience

Extracts the comments, tags and relationships metadata from Collibra DGC and upserts them on an Apache Atlas Hortonworks instance.


Connect Hub provides an API which facilitates connecting integrations to Collibra DGC

With Horizon™, organizations can seal and verify up to one million digital assets per second at 100x lower cost of typical blockchain transactions, hence accelerating data compliance drastically.

PIM Stibo STEP - Collibra Integration connector helps to keep the Operating Model for PIM Master Data Management in Collibra sync with PIM Stibo STEP Data Model.

Enables Collibra Connect developers to retrieve credentials stored on CyberArk.