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 Data Protection & Compliance

Confidently trust, understand and control your business data with NodeGraph's fully automated platform. Integrate field level, end-to-end lineage in your Collibra Data Catalog

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Lucid's Relevancy Rules based Custom Search for Collibra assets (Lucid’s Custom Search) enables users to always find appropriate data assets from the Enterprise catalog with the least number of clicks....

The solution focuses on the integration of BigID's discovery and data inventory with Collibra's privacy collaboration and governance workflows to link data elements to data values & physical location.

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With Horizon™, organizations can seal and verify up to one million digital assets per second at 100x lower cost of typical blockchain transactions, hence accelerating data compliance drastically.


The Privacy & Risk Readiness report monitors the completeness of your privacy and risk program, as it concerns compliance with GDPR and/or CCPA.

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In accordance with GDPR Article 30 Record of Processing Activities and CCPA data inventory requirements, the Process Register report enables you to visualize all your Process Register domains and download...

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Enables data stewards to keep the current version of a definition to a limited audience while the rest of the world sees the latest approved version of the definition.