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 Integration Pattern

Automatic synchronisation between Tableau Server and Collibra Catalog. As a result Collibra Catalog becomes one central location to find reports and get a better understanding of their meaning.


Enables registration of Amazon S3 as a data source in DGC and synchronization of data in Amazon S3: the files and directories of Amazon S3 are represented in Collibra DGC.

Reference implementations for queuing and buffering in order to achieve minimal message loss.

Examples for showing how to split records for parallel processing as well as concurrent processing of same records for performance.

Reference implementation for using the out-of-the-box object store functionality for Collibra integration use cases.

Reference implementation on how to orchestrate different APIs then orchestrate the end results.

Best practice examples of how to handle exceptions for Collibra integration use cases.

Reference implementation showing how to encrypt sensitive configuration values such as username and password in a Collibra integration application. Also example for two-way SSL authentication.

Reference implementation for detecting differences between CSV files.