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 Collibra Admin

Keeps IDQ's scorecards in sync with Collibra Policy Manager.

Synchronises metadata from Qlik Sense to Collibra Platform.

Snowflake Version Snowflake JDBC 3.11.1

JDBC Driver for Snowflake (provided by Snowflake)

Lucid's Relevancy Rules based Custom Search for Collibra assets allows the user to control the content displayed and the order of the search results using a configurable set of rules.

An Eclipse plugin that allows Collibra workflow developers to interact with the Collibra workflow engine from within Eclipse.

Extracts Talend Data Quality Metrics and ingests them into Rule Book using Collibra DGC Connector


Keeps Salesforce.com (SFDC) metadata in sync with Collibra Data Dictionary.


Ingests Google Cloud Storage metadata into Collibra Data Dictionary using Collibra Connect Hub


Ingests Apache Atlas metadata into Collibra Data Dictionary using Collibra Connect Hub.


Extracts the comments, tags and relationships metadata from Collibra DGC and upserts them on an Apache Atlas Hortonworks instance.


This package contains .sql scripts to create necessary tables for the Reporting Data Layer introduced in Collibra Data Governance Center v5.7.

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