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Solidatus extends Collibra functionality bringing a new level of ease and automation to data governance

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Bringing unstructured data intelligence to Collibra. Real-time data search, discovery, classification, document intelligence and auto-redaction

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The Okera and Collibra integration closes the gap between governance and central IT, enabling faster time-to-insight and increased agility.

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Data Quality that seamlessly integrates with Collibra for profiling and business rule execution.

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Synchronizes metadata from Data Virtuality to the Collibra Platform

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Confidently trust, understand and control your business data with NodeGraph's fully automated platform. Integrate field level, end-to-end lineage in your Collibra Data Catalog

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Integration of Aperture Data Studio with Collibra DGC

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The solution focuses on the integration of BigID's discovery and data inventory with Collibra's privacy collaboration and governance workflows to link data elements to data values & physical location.

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ML-driven data quality monitoring solution with crowdsourcing capabilities that helps data management teams better align data producers and consumers.

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