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Get listed fast and grow your presence

You too, can empower data citizens to find, understand and trust data

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Marketplace Organization

Marketplace is organized in three main sections where you can publish your listings such as integrations, workflows, accelerators, etc.

Solution Providers

Solution Providers is for those who would like to get listed on marketplace very fast, without providing any downloadable package or detailed documentation.

Solution Lab

Solution Lab is for those who want to share a downloadable package and documentation on how to install, use, and configure the package with the wider data citizen community. Listings in Solution Lab may be submitted for certification, however certification is not mandatory for solution lab listings.

Solution Exchange

Solution Exchange is for those who wish to commercialize their offering on Collibra Marketplace. All items in Solution Exchange must be certified and supported by its developer organization.

The Collibra Marketplace Features

  • Categorized listing for increased visibility
  • Added exposure from Collibra Marketing initiatives
  • Promotion at Collibra Events such as MeetUps, Lunch & Learns and webinars
  • Unique platform built specifically to expose your excellence

Onboarding Steps

  1. Create a data citizen account from the top right Login button if you have not already registered and log in to your account.
  2. Start the onboarding process. Instructions are given for each field in the form. You may navigate forward and backward throughout the onboarding process without having to submit or save.
  3. Submit your listing in the section where you wish your listing to be published.

Solution Launchpad Program

The Solution Launchpad Program is an excellent opportunity for builders within the data citizen community to build solutions for the wider data citizen community, in collaboration with experts from Collibra and data citizens themselves. The program was announced earlier this year during the data citizens conference in May. The current edition of the program is currently running and the results of the program will be published on Collibra Marketplace. Please contact us if you interested in this program so we have your details in case we run the program again in 2019.