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At WCKD RZR we believe in the power of data - that's what motivated us to create a complete data enablement suite to leverage the power of your business' data.

Use Cases
  • data enablement
  • data policy enforcement
  • policy enforcement
  • data privacy
  • data governance
  • data mesh
  • data discovery
  • data cataloguing accelerator
  • automated data labelling


Our story

In our roles as senior executives at a large multinational bank, we were leading on the development of the world’s largest Wholesale Banking Data & Analytics environment.

Achieving our ambition of scaling the platform and monetising the data would also require moving to the cloud. At the time it was the largest enterprise-wide migration to the cloud in the world. An automated tool, which would not move, alter or in any way change the data, was needed to catalogue the data and ensure all data access regulatory requirements were met.

Despite leading an exhaustive global search, we were unable to find anyone who could provide such a tool, proving the need for a solution worldwide.

Having learnt the scope required of what we needed, as well as the potential market ready to receive it, we began to think bigger…

Our mission – “Unlocking the potential of the world’s data”

  • We believe passionately that data is a fundamental part of creating knowledge.
  • Too much of the data in the world remains dormant and inaccessible.
  • Our mission is to help organisations unlock the potential of their data and make it available in a safe and secure way.

Our product

Data Watchdog is a Data Enablement Suite that unlocks the potential of your organisation’s data. It allows you to understand the state of your data infrastructure, label data, define a set of data governance policies and enforce data compliance policies without a significant latency impact.

Key features:

  • Utilises machine learning to identify and label data.
  • A real-time compliance engine ensuring data meets ethical restrictions.
  • Unobtrusive and does not transform underlying data.
  • single store for all global data governance rules.
  • Data Supermarket that allows you to search and access the data you need.

How to find us

Our Website: https://www.wckdrzr.com/

On Twitter: @wckdrzr

On LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wckdrzr

On Instagram: @wckdrzr

What is your product?

Our product – Data Watchdog – is a Data Enablement Suite that unlocks the potential of your organisation’s data.

Data Watchdog tackles main challenges in managing data in your organisation. We have divided it into three main categories – Find, Govern and Access.

Our Intelligent Indexing Tool allows you to find data stores in your network, understand their structure and label your data using your organisation’s logical terms using our multi-stage, state-of-the-art AI algorithms.

Our Dynamic Policy Enforcement Engine governs your data in a real-time manner using your organisation’s data governance policies.

Thanks to our Data Supermarket feature you can search and access the data you need immediately while ensuring data policy compliance.

How does Data Watchdog integrate with Collibra?

The main challenge while implementing a new product in the business is ability to integrate it with pre-existing systems.

Data Watchdog allows you to synchronise entries with the Collibra catalog in the bi-directional manner and create bond between assets.

The process

Assets which do not exist on Collibra:

  1. Our Intelligent Indexing Tool discovers data stores in your network and understands their structure through process called crawling. Data store becomes a Data Watchdog Resource
  2. Physical terms are labelled with logical terms using set a of state-of-the-art AI algorithms.
  3. Synchronise data asset to Collibra – it will create a Physical Data Dictionary on the Collibra Catalog corresponding to the structure of the crawled data store and link the Data Watchdog and Collibra Catalog assets together.
  4. Logical terms (aka labels or tags) can be synchronised in a bi-directional manner.

Assets which exist on Collibra:

  1. Our Intelligent Indexing Tool discovers data stores in your network and understands their structure through process called crawling. Data store becomes a Data Watchdog Resource
  2. Physical terms are labelled with logical terms using a set of state-of-the-art AI algorithms.
  3. Synchronise data asset from Collibra – after providing the matching domain, the algorithm is going to attempt and match existing Collibra asset at all levels (database, table, column) to Data Watchdog Resource.
  4. If algorithm returns uncertain result, it will create provisional links and it will require a manual intervention to resolve conflicts.
  5. Logical terms (aka labels or tags) can be synchronised in a bi-directional manner.


Once the link is created, resources can be labelled independently both on the Collibra Catalog and Data Watchdog – the logical terms can be synchronised between systems at any point.

What is the license model?

Data Watchdog operates using annual subscription model.

What business problem does it solve?

Cloud adoption

Appropriate data access control is the number one concern for enterprises considering migrating to the cloud.There can be conflicting authorisation requirements, data governance policies, and metadata required depending on the location and jurisdiction. This can lead to substantial liabilities and this in turn can limit the use of your mission-critical data in certain parts of the world.

Data privacy & sharing

Global organisations are subject to a myriad of data sharing, privacy and governance rules in each country that they operate. Data Watchdog allows you to manage all those rules in one place and enforce them in real time across all your databases around the world.  Make updates or create new rules easily.

Data science & analytics

Whether you are just at the beginning of your data journey or you’re a “data veteran” – you need one thing to operate – the data. Data sets tend to be tremendously big and unorganised. Using the Data Supermarket feature or your own custom user catalog, users can create new datasets based on any query they wish. These datasets are globally consistent yet have all the relevant data security applied automatically depending on who is viewing them at any given time. A user can publish any dataset they create for other colleagues to use as part of their analysis or reporting workflow.

Financial services

Built by leaders in financial services. We understand the complexity of financial regulation. Data Watchdog assists a financial service with compliance of financial regulation around information barriers material non public information, BCBS 239, and many others. Data Watchdog allows you to dynamically restrict data down to the individual or team so you can control data through a live deal.

Human Resources

Human Resources’ data is often the most sensitive data in an organisation. Different jurisdictions restrict what data can be shared around including age, gender, salary, ethnicity and others. Manage all of these restrictions in one place with Data Watchdog.


Does Data Watchdog modify or store the underlying data?

No, Data Watchdog does not amend or store any of the organisation’s data.

What deployment options does Data Watchdog support?

Currently, Data Watchdog is only available in on-premise model.

In the future, Data Watchdog will additionally be offered as a SaaS solution.

What is involved in implementing the product?

Data Watchdog can be easily deployed on the client infrastructure using Docker or Kubernetes Cluster.

Note: In the future, Data Watchdog will be also available as a SaaS solution.

The product requires some initial configuration which is covered by a few easy steps listed below.

Steps to setup Data Watchdog:

  1. Configure users – Synchronise with existing user store or create local users.
  2. Configure resources – Use Discovery & Crawling features to automatically configure resources.
  3. Configure the Data Governance Rules.
  4. Congratulations! Your organisation has just started unlocking the potential of its data!

Data Watchdog Walkthrough

A short video walking through the user experience of Data Watchdog.

Data Watchdog & Collibra

Data Watchdog is capable of leveraging your Collibra experience by providing a set of Data Enablement tools. Regardless of which stage of your Collibra journey you are on - our product can enhance your data management processes. In this article, we talk how we can enhance your data experience using Data Watchdog & Collibra integration at different stages of your Collibra journey.

Data Watchdog - Product Information

Product Information document that covers key aspects of the Data Watchdog.

Selected Listings

The Data Watchdog and Collibra integration closes the gap between your data catalogue, policy governance and access control, enabling faster time-to-data and increased use case agility.

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