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TrustLogix is a Data Security Governance platform that empowers organizations to safely monetize their cloud data with unified monitoring, observability, and granular data entitlements at Cloud scale

Use Cases
  • Authorization
  • Entitlements
  • Governance
  • Security
  • Observability


TrustLogix is a Data Security Governance platform created by cloud security pioneers to help organizations of all sizes safely realize their Digital Transformation initiatives with fine-grained control of their cloud data across disparate platforms including Snowflake, Redshift, Databricks, and more.

TrustLogix provides full visibility into who is accessing which cloud datasets and then makes recommendations regarding eliminating dark data and non-compliant data sharing, reducing over-privileged access, and fine-tuning your data authorization policies to deliver surgically precise and time-bound control over how data consumers and handlers are handling your sensitive information. 

It does this all while reducing time-to-access by streamlining the request-approval process and ensuring the right people are given the appropriate access as quickly as possible. 

TrustLogix is built on a proxy-less, agentless, serverless architecture that is designed to operate at Cloud scale and speed.

Backed by Norwest Venture Partners and elite angel investors, TrustLogix was founded by serial entrepreneurs with multiple prior startup successes, and who most recently pioneered the CASB space, ushering in a new era of Cloud security.

What is your product?

TrustLogix empowers customers to leverage Collibra’s powerful classification, catalog, and tagging capabilities with fine-grained data entitlement policies to streamline access request workflows and deliver ironclad security, governance, and compliance.

Intelligent Monitoring and Discovery

  • Continuous monitoring and auditing of cloud data repositories for unused datasets, which are then compared against Collibra classification tags to identify high-risk areas
  • Actionable Insights and Recommendations about reducing over-privileged access and fine-tuning data access policies

Data Request Workflows:

  • Existing integration with customer-defined workflows for access request, approval, and audit
  • Native integration with Collibra catalog and workflow engine

Fine-Grained Data Entitlements

  • Dynamic access control policies for row/column level entitlements based on user attributes, roles, and Collibra catalog, and classification
  • Modern approach delivers blazing performance via proxy-less, agentless, serverless architecture
  • No-code policy building means you can express your security rules in business terms

Audit, Risk, and Compliance

  • On-demand reports spotlight access to sensitive data based on Collibra classification
  • Ongoing automated scanning to detect over-privileged users and inappropriate access
  • Monitoring for suspected exfiltration attempts of sensitive data

Secure and Scalable Architecture

  • Observability, monitoring, and enforcement is done based on meta-data so TrustLogix never touches your sensitive data
  • Agentless, serverless, proxy-less architecture means zero performance overhead
What business problem does it solve?

TrustLogix enables you to get the correct data in the hands of appropriate consumers at precisely the correct level of access to safely and securely drive your digital transformation. Our unique architecture builds bridges that allow security to collaborate with the business and in doing so accelerates rather than impedes the velocity of your DX initiatives.

What is the license model?

TrustLogix is a SaaS solution and our clients pay as they go to ensure that license fees scale appropriately with business value. Please contact us for details!

What is involved in implementing the product?

As a SaaS solution TrustLogix can be up and running within just a few minutes. Our agentless / proxyless / serverless architecture is completely non-invasive and very fast to deploy. Customers can start seeing the benefits of our discovery services within hours of the initial deployment of our platform. 

TrustLogix offers the flexibility of being able to run as a 100% SaaS offering as well as being able to be deployed within the customer’s private cloud infrastructure if that is the desired deployment model. 

Case Study: Financial Services

TrustLogix enabled a F500 global investment bank to safely launch a firmwide Enterprise Data Lake by providing fine-grained data access control, monitoring, and auditing. Performance was a critical driver in their selection and TrustLogix's agentless / proxyless architecture was an important criteria in their selection.

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Use Collibra’s powerful classification and catalog capabilities to spot risky dark data clusters and enforce fine-grained data entitlements

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