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Starburst is the fastest and most efficient MPP SQL distributed query engine for the data warehouse, data lake, and data mesh, with enterprise-ready performance, security, and connectivity

Use Cases
  • Technology Partner
  • Integration
  • Data Analytics
  • Query Engine
  • Data Mesh
  • SQL
  • Data pipelines
  • Data Lake
  • Lakehouse
  • Big Data


Today’s data ecosystems are more complex than ever before.  Data is stored in a variety of locations and in numerous different formats.  As a result, being able to quickly and easily access all of the data you need in a cost efficient manner is becoming increasingly difficult. With Starburst, organizations are able to make better decisions faster by accessing their data directly, no matter where it lives.  By reducing (or even eliminating) the need for data pipelines to consolidate the data into a single source of truth to support analytics, organizations are able to cut down on costs typically associated with those workflows.  Starburst also delivers lightning-fast performance against any data source, including traditionally slower sources like data lakes.  This is why Starburst is THE analytics engine for all of your data.

Starburst leverages Trino, formerly PrestoSQL, which is an open-source, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) SQL query engine. Starburst solves for the intersection of ever-increasing data volumes and data consumers by helping customers de-prioritize data movement while providing data teams consistent, easy, and fast SQL-based access to all their data to support rapid analytics. Starburst is able to provide these benefits to customers due to the following features:

  • 40+ native connectors for a variety of data sources (on-prem, cloud, RDBMS, NoSQL, streaming and data lakes/object storage)
  • Built-in federation with optimization pushdown
  • Caching of frequently accessed data for even faster performance
  • On-demand compute with automatic scaling
  • Simplified security and access controls across all of your data
  • Support for cross-cloud analytics
  • Data Products for publishing domain-specific data sets

By using Starburst with Collibra, you will be able to simplify your cataloging operations.  With Starburst, you no longer need to create separate connections in Collibra for each data source in your ecosystem.  Instead, you create a single connection to Starburst and will be able to ingest the metadata for all of the data sources your Starburst cluster is connected to.

Interested it seeing what Starburst can do for you?  Try it for free by visiting:  starburst.io

What is your product?

Trino is a high performance distributed ANSI SQL engine for running fast analytic queries and batch workloads against various data sources ranging in size from gigabytes to petabytes. Designed for the separation of storage and compute, Trino scales on demand, and eliminates the time and cost of integrating disparate data into a single data warehouse.

Starburst provides enterprise distributions of Trino and was created to help large companies securely extract more value from their Trino deployments.  With Starburst, enterprises have more Trino tools at their disposal, global security with fine-grained access controls, stable & reliable releases, and guidance and support from the most qualified group of Trino experts anywhere. With Starburst, your data architects, business intelligence analysts, and machine learning and AI teams have fast, reliable, stable access to the data they need to do their best work —no matter where that data resides.

The main offerings from Starburst are Starburst Enterprise and Starburst Galaxy.  Starburst Galaxy is an easy to use, fully-managed and enterprise-ready SaaS offering of Trino while Starburst Enterprise is the self-managed offering.

What business problem does it solve?

Starburst provides users with fast access to all of their data, no matter where it lives.  Starburst connects directly to each data source and pulls the data back into memory for processing, alleviating the need to copy or move the data into a single location first.  As a result, Starburst helps organizations solve their business problems by addressing the following use cases:

Data Lakehouse Analytics

  • Warehouse-like capabilities without the warehouse
  • True separation of storage and compute for true customization of cost vs performance
  • Power your lakehouse architecture with no vendor lock-in and support for open file formats
  • With 50+ modern and legacy source connectors into your data lake, no data source is left behind

Query Federation

  • Run SQL queries across any data source, no matter what it is or where it lives
  • Reduce unnecessary data movement, which improves security and compliance, minimizes risk and reduces cost
  • Democratize analytics by providing a single point of access to all available data

ETL/Batch Processing

  • One high performance query engine for both interactive and batch workloads
  • Use ANSI SQL for data transformations and for building new data pipelines
  • Configurable fault tolerance capabilities

Data Products

  • Provides a domain-driven approach to data democratization
  • Unlock domain-specific insights and enable effortless publishing/management/discovery of curated data sets
  • Increase business agility, eliminating days, weeks and months of delays to update data pipelines
  • Platform connectivity and data security eliminates the need for costly and complex data centralization

Embedded Engine

  • Bring the power of insights to any application
  • High concurrency, fast query performance and elastic scalability as your data app grows
  • Cost-based optimization keeps operating expenses low as usage grows
  • Robust connector support for all of the data your application needs
  • Fine grained access control keeps your data secure
What is the license model?

While the open source technology that Starburst is built on (Trino) is free to use, Starburst provides numerous enterprise-grade features including enhanced connectors, native security integrations, optimized performance and 24×7 support.  To get access to these features, an enterprise license must be purchased from Starburst.

Licensing is done at the cluster level and not the user level.  A capacity-based pricing model is used and is calculated based on the number of vCPUs that are running in the cluster.

The Problem We Solve

In today's complex ecosystems, data is everywhere. This makes it difficult, time consuming and expensive for organizations to discover actionable insights within their data. This short video provides an overview of how Starburst solves that problem for the world's largest companies.

What is Starburst Enterprise?

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) is a fully supported, enterprise-grade distribution of Trino. It adds integrations, improves performance, provides security, and makes it easy to deploy, configure and manage your clusters. This brief video provides an overview of what Starburst Enterprise can do for you.

What is Starburst Galaxy?

Starburst Galaxy is an easy to use, fully-managed and enterprise-ready SaaS offering of Trino. Configure your data sources, and query your data wherever it lives. Starburst takes care of the rest so you can concentrate on the analytics. This brief video provides an overview of what Starburst Galaxy can do for you.

Getting Started with Starburst Galaxy

Starburst Galaxy is an easy to use, fully-managed and enterprise-ready SaaS offering of Trino. Configure your data sources, and query your data wherever it lives. Starburst takes care of the rest so you can concentrate on the analytics. This video provides you with an overview of how to get started with using Starburst Galaxy.

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Simplify your Collibra experience by cataloging multiple data sources through a single connection with Starburst.

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