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Soda is a data monitoring platform for data owners, data engineers and data analytics teams.

Use Cases
  • Joint customer
  • data quality
  • cloud
  • cloud-native
  • data monitoring


Soda is a cloud data quality software company. Our platform helps data & analytics teams monitor the datasets that go into the data products they built. What Soda does for datasets is analogous to what Datadog does for infrastructure, New Relic for applications, and Dataiku for and models. All of these platforms measure and monitor to ensure anomalies are identified and properly handled.

Soda will answer key questions like: has the data arrived in time, is the number of records as expected, do we have all the necessary fields filled in, is a certain value (e.g. moving average) not changing too quickly, …

For more information,  please visit: www.sodadata.io

What is your product?

A data quality monitoring solution. That’s different because:
1. It’s self-service, even for a non-technical audience
2. It plugs into your Cloud Data Platform and seamlessly connects to cloud object storage (e.g. S3) and cloud-native data warehouses (e.g. Snowflake).
3. It natively integrates with Collibra, so no hassle building and maintaining an application integration.

What business problem does it solve?

It helps create ongoing trust in datasets as it demonstrates how the data team s testing each dataset, illustrates which issues have been identified and how quickly these were resolved. With our product, every new consumer of data can now define their expectations in a self-service way.

In the end, we impact 3 business metrics:
1. Reduce reputation risk around data that gets published externally
2. Improve the overall customer experience of data-driven products and features
3. Reduce operational inefficiencies by pro-actively communicating issues with data

Sales deck

We'd be happy to do a brief presentation to any customer that has question on the cloud and data quality.

Selected Listings

Soda’s data observability platform allows teams to discover, prioritize, and collaboratively resolve data issues.

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