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Satori created the first DataSecOps platform which streamlines data access by automating access controls, security and compliance.

Use Cases
  • data classification
  • sensitive data
  • sensitive data discovery
  • security policies
  • access control


Satori created the first DataSecOps platform which streamlines data access by automating access controls, security and compliance for the modern data infrastructure. The Secure Data Access Service is a universal visibility and control plane that allows you to monitor and govern data and its usage in real-time while automating access controls. Satori simplifies and accelerates data access, enabling efficient delivery of analytics, AI and ML solutions while ensuring data consumers access data in a secure and compliant way. Data teams that use Satori deliver data projects twice as fast, spend 80% less time on developing and maintaining ad-hoc access and security controls, see time-to-data drop from days to minutes and achieve security and compliance goals five times faster.
Satori is the first DataSecOps platform which streamlines data access by automating security and compliance controls for data in the cloud, allowing companies to deliver data projects twice as fast.

What is your product?

Satori provides a Data Access Controller that inspects and analyzes all queries and results sets exchanged between data consumers and data stores. The solution monitors data flows in real-time, discovers and classifies sensitive data and applies policies for access control.

Satori integrates into the data infrastructure in minutes by replacing the data store’s URL to which analysts and engineers connect in order to access data.

What verticals does Satori Serve?

Satori can serve all data-driven companies that store and handles sensitive data, such as healthcare, finance, tech companies, etc.

What is the license model?

Satori license model is based on an annual subscription.

What business problem does it solve?

Data-driven organizations look at their data as an engine for future growth and competitive advantage. To capture the data opportunity, companies are modernizing their data infrastructure and operations by moving data to the cloud and democratizing data within the enterprise.

Access controls and security are currently implemented manually with ad-hoc solutions per data store and analytics tool and so prevent data teams from taking full advantage of the cloud and modern data architectures. Satori is a DataSecOps platform which streamlines data access while solving the most difficult security and privacy challenges for modern data infrastructures.

Using Satori & Collibra To Boost Data Governance and Security

Satori augments your Collibra data governance capabilities and creates a synergy for better DataSecOps across all of your data platforms. In this blog post, we will explore the many cool aspects of a Satori-Collibra stack and how the two platforms complement each other. But first things first—let’s introduce the two platforms.

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We offer a DataSecOps platform designed to enable companies to easily access and manage sensitive data without having to change their existing data infrastructure or hire a team of specialists.

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