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Idera, Inc.

Idera, Inc. provides enterprise-scale data modeling, data warehouse automation, and database management tools.

Use Cases
  • data architecture
  • data modeling
  • business glossaries
  • big data integration
  • cloud data warehouse automation
  • data mart automation
  • data warehouse automation
  • data vault automation
  • modeling
  • architecture
  • architect


The partnership between Idera, Inc. and Collibra allows organizations to unify their data governance, data architecture, and data warehouse management initiatives to drive efficiency and reduce risk. Exploit the valuable knowledge of data architects in your data governance initiatives and ensure that operational data assets are designed within a governance framework.
The partnership is supported by a series of Collibra-Idera integrations that enable organization’s data strategies. Through the integration, organizations benefit from significant automations that simplify the design and running of your data warehouse within a governance framework.

What are your products?

Idera has a range of products for data management, application development, DEVOPS, and test management. Two products, ER/Studio and WhereScape work alongside the Collibra platform.

What is your ER/Studio product?

ER/Studio is a tool for data architects to document, model and design data assets including databases. It allows traditional conceptual, logical and physical data models to be created and then linked with business terms to connect with and provide knowledge to the data governance ecosystem. These models and the business glossary are published through the Team Server web portal to allow a wider audience to view, subscribe, and collaborate on the models. Built in tools allow the harvesting of business glossaries and mapping to data models to kick start the data governance project.

What business problem does ER/Studio solve?

ER/Studio helps organizations design new, and understand their current data assets and requirements. Data architects can contribute to the data catalog by documenting and sharing their rich knowledge of an organization’s data assets in a business language. Through built-in collaborative capabilities, organizations can involve more of the relevant parties in the information gathering process.

With this information, organizations can improve communication, reducing the risk and timeframe to create and implement quality data assets that meet the user’s requirements.

As requirements for the asset change, ER/Studio manages that change process. Stakeholders of the asset can understand the content and be notified when changes are made.

What are the different editions of ER/Studio?

Data Architect enables the reverse and forward engineering of data assets and schema. It is installed on local desktop machines, and intended for single-users and small groups without extensive collaborative requirements.

Data Architect Professional adds additional capabilities to Data Architect. Users benefit from a shared model repository through the Team Server repository supporting collaboration within larger groups.

Enterprise Team Edition is the ultimate collaborative platform for enterprise-scale data architecture. It adds a wide range of functionality including import/export bridges, and access to Team Server Core. Team Server Core provides a web-based interface for the wider team to view and collaborate on models, manage business glossaries and mappings to data models, and hosts the Collibra integration.

What is your WhereScape product?

WhereScape Data Automation software accelerates the design, build, documentation, and management of complex data ecosystems and ensures the delivery of data – wherever it is stored and however it is presented – to the people who need it. The technology enables organizations to overcome their complex data warehouse needs and deliver business data projects and requests in minutes or days as opposed to weeks or months or years.

What business problems does WhereScape solve?

While challenges and needs can be vastly different between industries, data is the universal answer. WhereScape automation speeds up the time to value across a diverse range of sectors around the world. WhereScape By automating automates laborious data processes including hand-coding and other repetitive, time-intensive aspects of data infrastructure projects to deliver data warehouses, data vaults, data lakes, and data marts. –  Our users can focus on the important stuff – that 20 percent of the code where 80 percent of the value is created and communicate with the business regarding strategy and goals – rather than being lost in data detail.

What are the different editions of WhereScape?

WhereScape 3D – which models, designs and prototypes data architectures with automation to fast-track delivery while reducing cost and risk. This allows IT to quickly spin up models for verification with the business before they build, resulting in close collaboration and shorter iterations.

WhereScape RED – which builds, documents and manages data architectures via a drag-and-drop GUI. It commits changes to the underlying database by automatically generating thousands of lines of SQL code in seconds, enabling one developer to do the job of ten. Project builds and changes are managed by developers but committed with automation in a fraction of the time versus hand-coding. The result is data warehouses that just work, fuelling data-driven business decisions.

WhereScape Data Vault Express – makes Data Vault 2.0 implementations quicker and safer whilst shortening the learning curve for data teams. Automation is simply essential for Data Vault projects given the complexity involved in building and maintenance. It uses tried-and-tested templates that follow industry best practices to ensure implementations are successful, while automation manages intricate dependencies that build up over time.

ER/Studio Data Sheet

A data sheet describing the ER/Studio data modeling toolset

WhereScape Data Sheet

A data sheet describing the WhereScape data warehouse automation toolset

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Publish logical and physical data models from ER/Studio to Collibra with mappings to Business Terms

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