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Experian is a leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to our clients around the world.

Use Cases
  • information services
  • data quality
  • data management


Experian is the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to our clients around the world. Our brand reflects who we are, what we do and what we believe in. In a complex, ever changing world, the use of data is now driving significant advancements and new ways of thinking. At Experian, we recognise the importance of the role we play in unlocking the power of data to help people, business and society. Enabling people and organisations to achieve their goals.

For more than 125 years, Experian has been helping consumers and clients prosper. We currently have 17,200 employees, 4 Datalabs and operate in 44 countries.

Our data quality management tools and services give our customers the confidence to use their data as a strategic asset.

What is your product?

Experian data quality product is Aperture Data Studio.

Aperture Data Studio combines self-service data quality and globally curated data sets in an intelligent data quality and enrichment platform. Offering a full range of best-practice tools to support each stage of a comprehensive data quality workflow through market leading profiling, discovery, validation, de-duplication and enrichment. Empowering modern data practitioners to rapidly build the most consistent, accurate, and holistic view of consumers. 

Pandora is the predecessor of Aperture Data Studio.

What business problem does it solve?

Aperture Data Studio is Experian’s data management platform that provides quicker speed to value, better customer insights, more flexibility and a consolidated view of data. It enables use cases such as more efficient data migrations, creating single customer view, improving operational data quality and maintaining data governance/compliance.

What is your product?

Unlike other data quality solutions  you’ll get:  

  • Faster time to value with code free implementation and configuration 
  • Ease of use through an intuitive self-service interface empowering control 
  • Automatic validation & enrichment by combining the power of your data with our data 
  • Intelligent platform which is extensible, hyper connected, AI and metadata powered 
  • Secure collaboration  supporting best practice data sharing and teamwork  
What is the license model?

We offer a tiered subscription licensing model. The base packages are Standard, Professional and Enterprise. We also offer add-ons on top of these base packages.

The key metrics are number of users for different roles, volume of data, number of data sources/connections. Other criteria such as use case add ons and where the solution is hosted can also have an impact on pricing.

What is your product?
What browser do you recommend to access the application? Chrome
What are the hardware recommendations? See https://www.edq.com/documentation/aperture-data-studio/technical-recommendations/

What is involved in implementing the product?

Aperture Data Studio is installed using a download link. The installation of the software normally takes a few minutes.

To support the deployment and use of Aperture Data Studio we offer a training services.

Accelerate Data Governance with Data Quality

When it’s time to invest in a data governance program, it’s also time to assess the quality of your data. If you need compliance with regulations, or if you are just looking to improve your analytics initiatives, you’ll need more than governance policies to ensure success.

Experian Solution for Collibra Data Governance Centre

Collibra – Aperture Data Studio demo workflow step

Aperture Data Studio for Collibra Data Governance

Data Quality as the Key Enabler for Data Governance

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Integration of Aperture Data Studio with Collibra DGC

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