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Bluemetrix Data Manager (BDM) automates the execution of Collibra Tag and Standard based policies on all data sources as they are consumed by the user, ensuring compliance with all Data Policies.

Use Cases
  • Data Governance
  • Data Protection
  • Data Privacy
  • Cloud
  • Technical Metadata
  • Data Lineage
  • Automation
  • Data Policy Enforcement
  • Data Policy Automation
  • Business Metadata
  • GDPR
  • Data Tokenization
  • Self-Service Data
  • Data Access
  • Data Control
  • Data Security


Data is the lifeblood of your enterprise, and ensuring its security and governance is of utmost importance. However, simply having data policies in place is not enough – they must be enforced and implemented correctly across all data, users, and activities to be effective. That’s where our Data Policy Enforcement and Automation solution comes in.

The Bluemetrix Data Manager (BDM) platform empowers data users to close the gaps in their data governance process, giving them the confidence to ensure all data comply with applicable laws and regulations. The powerful integration of Collibra and Bluemetrix enables data users to automate the creation of data governance and lineage and enforce Tag and Standard based policies on all pipelines created.

BDM provides a set of automated tools that capture all policy implementation using its extensible rule-based engine and enforces policies during the pipeline execution without any input required from the data engineer.

Together, Bluemetrix and Collibra allow you to easily capture and store all data pipeline operations in your Collibra Data Platform, guaranteeing that the view of your data catalogue is always consistent across the enterprise. Imagine the ease of data governance, secure data sharing and access, efficient data protection and provisioning at scale– all available within Bluemetrix Data Manager (BDM).

What is your product?

BDM is a full-service Spark ETL based tool that allows data professionals to control and manage all aspects of data pipeline creation and operations. Built to integrate with Collibra’s enterprise-level data governance, BDM is packed full of intelligent automation that can automatically create, capture and maintain the data governance state of data assets in the pipeline whilst enforcing appropriate policies to the governed data. By automating data policies within BDM, you can ensure that your Collibra Platform is always up to date with the governed data in your data lake.

Together with Collibra, Bluemetrix empowers the following key stakeholders to

  • Have data self-service access to consume the information in real-time.
  • Remove manual implementation by automating, enforcing, and auditing access and security policies at a fine-grained level.
  • Publish datasets and get complete visibility into how the data is being used, accessed and control
  • Ensure all employees and users of data are aware of the responsibilities

Bluemetrix Data Policy Enforcement Capabilities:

  • Data Policies are read and interpreted for all data sources in the pipeline
  • An extensible rule-based engine exists in BDM to capture all policy implementations
  • Policy implementation occurs automatically during the execution of the Write phase of the data pipeline
  • There is no requirement for the data engineer to access or implement the policies – it happens automatically within the system


What business problem does it solve?

Data governance is a complex process that requires significant resources and time. When the governance runs independently of data pipelines, governance tends to fall out of sync. This can be frustrating and costly for the DG specialists responsible for managing the data.

To solve these problems, we created an ETL automation solution that integrates with Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud Platform, eliminating complexity across the entire data policy enforcement and management process. The BDM platform helps to improve the quality and governance of the pipelines produced for analytics and data science teams, with the business impact on the following:

  • Gain better control and visibility over data by making it easier to capture rules in real time as they change.
  • Get alerts when data privacy rules are violated and thereafter act before any negative impacts occur.
  • Improve the underlying security of the data through the provision of highly secure and easy to use Tokenization functionality.
  • Ensure all data activities comply with the required regulations they are operating to
  • Ensure compliance activity is recorded and stored in usable manner
  • Cost-effectively protect business applications and databases from the risk of data breaches and legal problems
  • Consistency of data throughout the enterprise. Removes the disparate data management that often exists
  • The audit trail is always available for accountability and responsibility
What is involved in implementing the solution?

BDM is quickly deployable with a low footprint on any Edge node on your data lake.

What cloud environment do you support?

Bluemetrix loads data from any of your pipelines to a Destination system of your choice, including Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Collibra + Bluemetrix Integration Datasheet

Bluemetrix Data Manager (BDM) automates the creation of Collibra data governance and lineage and enforces Tag and Standard based policies on all pipelines created. Imagine the ease of data governance, secure data sharing and access, efficient data protection and provisioning at scale– all available within BDM.

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Bluemetrix Version Version 3.3 (May 31, 2022)

BDM automates the creation of Collibra data governance and lineage, and enforces Tag and Standard based policies on all pipelines created

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