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Soda Data Quality Monitoring

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January 4, 2019
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Soda provides an ML-driven data quality monitoring solution that allows all business users to easily add rules/tests to the data they use and get alerts when issues arise. This crowdsourcing method allows data management professionals to more effectively engage with all users and producers of data. All results are automatically synchronised to your Collibra instance by our native, bidirectional integration. Resulting data quality issues can be resolved in Collibra, Slack, Jira, and/or ServiceNow.


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Release Notes

New features:

  • Test creation view
  • Test detail view
  • Alert view
  • Dashboards
  • See architecture diagram.
  • Collibra v2 API and account with permissions to add domains, assets and attributes.
  • No meta model changes needed.
License Requirements

Collibra Data Governance Center

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